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  1. capitalkillie

    East Kilbride

    Whereabouts at K Park? Assuming its the bit where the pitch n' putt used to be.
  2. capitalkillie

    Tinotenda Chibharo

    I think the chap in the pringle sweater was one of Lee Clark's signings...
  3. capitalkillie

    st mirren home Bet Fred, Fred

    The league cup was so 2012.
  4. capitalkillie

    Penalty shoot outs

    Incredible to have lost 8 in a row
  5. capitalkillie


    Who said anything about a sales plan? I'm estimating 700 will attend from both sides, leaving 600 spare seats.
  6. capitalkillie


    Left empty
  7. capitalkillie


    More than enough. 700 each team.
  8. capitalkillie

    When are we getting the away kits?

    Seem to remember a home game where we had red top, white shorts and white socks, possible around the same time. Danny invincible era. Looked like Man Utd!
  9. capitalkillie

    Over 3,200 ST's sold....

    Anyone know how many 18 or 19 match tickets we've sold yet?
  10. capitalkillie

    He could have been a contender....

    Stevie Smith
  11. capitalkillie

    Betfred Cup 2018/19 Dates

    Great that our first game is the Friday night. Saturday would see a clash with world cup 3rd/4th play off game which would likely affect the crowd. Season starting before world cup finishes!
  12. capitalkillie

    Betfred Cup 2018/19 Dates

    Dumbarton's ground is quite small can imagine it being made all ticket for away fans. Think usual allocation is 800 which will probably be enough.
  13. capitalkillie

    RP "one of three worst pitches"

    Not unsurprising but our pitch makes for a better game than the coup at tynecastle.
  14. capitalkillie

    TV Games - Killie in 12th

    We also allow up to 9800 old firm fans into our home games. Assuming they'd watch it on tv if they didn't have a ticket.
  15. capitalkillie

    killie for europe

    We'd all be stuffed. Getting quick visas for Azerbaijan ain't easy!

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