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  1. Surely having home fans without the option of any away fans gives an unfair advantage to Aberdeen?
  2. Cue last minute phone call from Derek McInnes....
  3. Maybe if he was to visit New Farm or Bellfield he'd fall in love with us?
  4. Leave them alone. They are not employed by Sky and earning mega bucks. I enjoyed it. Some of the patter, mistakes etc is no different to what family or pals would say when sitting at the game. Felt genuine. Keep it up lads.
  5. 14 more games for us and he'll have played more for us than for rangers. Already scored more for us. Source. Wiki.
  6. What exactly is the test? Just to get logged in okay? Or is there a test stream? Got in okay but then annoying pop up asking me to subscribe appeared then left with blank screen where video should be.
  7. Cheers. And is that with a big picture of celebrations etc to spoil it all before you click?
  8. When will Killie TV show a full re-run of match? Considering avoiding score and watching later.
  9. The second sentence should have Hibs totally ashamed and embarrassed.
  10. Hibs seem to think they are only missing out on what would be the in-stadium equivalent of our away support. Plenty killie fans who don't go to away games will be interested as well as those who can't afford to go to home games. From a quick twitter check it looks like they are having technical issues anyway. Boo hoo.
  11. I'd expect our club to be applying some pressure here.
  12. Its not one person, its a thread quoting directly from various posts on Jambos Kickback. I assume the account is run by a hibee!
  13. There's nothing in that article to suggest what you are suggesting!