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  1. Somebody should tell him then, as he seems to think he's some kind of enigmatic deep-lying playmaker in the Riquelme mold.
  2. Did Madden just give Aberdeen a free kick for two of their players running into each other?
  3. Kiltie could have had about five assists in this game if we were just a tiny bit more aggressive in the box, delivery has been lethal.
  4. Dicker must be averaging about 10% pass success rate this season so far.
  5. Kiltie has been excellent in an otherwise mediocre performance so far.
  6. I'm not sure Dicker clearly having had 4 or 5 pints before playing has necessarily been the best idea.
  7. Absolutely no argument from me there.
  8. It is to a degree - the test events aren't so much to do with raw numbers in the crowds as the logisticis (and plausibility) of crowd management to minimise potential infection vectors. It's not so much "let 1000 people in and see how many get infected", it's more like a fire drill - detemining the best way to direct, seat, police and trace crowds in the context of the pandemic, which is the same issue with re-opening any industry at the moment over the UK. There isn't a simple answer because the requirements are unprecedented in the modern era. And it's doubly difficult with football c
  9. Scotland still has a population density >3x Sweden at 67/km2. https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/covid-19-death-rate-vs-population-density?minPopulationFilter=1000000&year=latest&time=2020-09-10&country=NLD~NOR~ROU~RUS~HRV~CZE~DNK~EST~FIN~ESP~SWE~CHE~AUT~BLR~BEL~GBR~FRA~DEU~GRC~IRL~ITA~LTU~MKD~LVA~PRT~POL~UKR~HUN~SVN~BIH~SRB~SVK~MDA~BGR~ALB~CYP~OWID_KOS That graph/table gives covid deaths per million against population density - it's worth noting that their deaths per million is almost identical to the UK's, in spite of that comparatively tiny population density - that
  10. It has to be Julian Faubert as his mehness transcends a single club - throughout his entire career he had the bizarre ability to look meh at every level of the game, from Kilmarnock to Real Madrid.
  11. That's unfair, for all their moaning at their fellow muppets, Statler or Waldorf never left in the middle of a performance to go to the pub or skipped their performances to watch their big team play on the telly.
  12. I really don't know what Dyer's logic is. We have a dreadfully organised defense with no shape and his attempted solution seems to be to just keep adding more defenders. Outfield we started essentially with 8 defenders today, 7 against mighty St. Johnstone, but there doesn't seem to be a defensive plan other than "men behind ball". He seems to have SC's philosophy of trying to control a game without the ball, but that requires shape work that we don't appear to be doing, or at least isn't translating from the training ground to the pitch. The setup is just weird - we're playing som
  13. Another week, another unmarked man in the box.
  14. With other folks' stickers probably.
  15. So, to sum up the rationalisation for giving Dyer more time: 1. It's not fair to count his time as caretaker because the players that forced the manager out were upset about forcing the manager out. 2. It's not fair to count his time as permanent manager last season because that was last season and has no bearing on this. 3. It's not fair to count his matches so far this season because (1) the teams we've played aren't bad (and that's just not sporting?) and (2) the players he signs, picks, coaches, and plays in the system he chooses make mistakes.