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  1. I mean if he was to get Arbroath promoted it would genuinely be one of the great all-time scottish football achievements to get a part time club into the SPL. I'd love to see it as long as it didn't come at cost to us!
  2. Fair point - somehow I always think of Taylor having gone by then for some reason. It was really the midfield and of course Broadfoot that needed to be rejuvenated, though of course it would have been preferable for us to do it as naturally and phase them out for younger players over time rather than us holding onto them (or bizarrely signing them again in the case of Broadfoot) and then dumping them all at once (even if we hadn't been relegated).
  3. This is pure pedantry/trivia really, but he was a top-league manager for a little while at Dunfermline when he took over from Paton I think in 1999 before they got relegated.
  4. Alex Totten didn't qualify for Europe, he finished 8th, 7th and 7th in the 10 team league format and left when we were looking like getting relegated, having spent more in transfer fees than any manager in our history before or since. Williamson took over and we survived on the final (penultimate?) day and rebuilt a fair amount of the team in the close season after winning the cup, so I'm not sure what Totten legacy you're remembering there. Williamson then left when the board had to start stripping back the budget due to the loss of the "SPL TV" deal that the old firm screwed over the rest of the league on, and Jefferies was left with a downsizing job to do. Not Williamson's fault of course, he felt he'd done all he could with us, but given you expect managers to be responsible for their own succession for some reason, it would only seem fair you should blame him for that too. Clarke left us the core of a decent but old side that needed careful rebuilding over probably 3 or 4 transfer windows. Alessio came in and had us having, at the very least, a perfectly comfortable season built on an exceptionally miserly defence, all of whom (the starters) were relatively young and all going relatively strong today (all for other teams), so Clarke's "legacy of relegation" may be a fact (certainly not a simple one), but just because relegation followed, doesn't make him anywhere close to the primary cause. If Clarke had a genuine fault, it was allegedly recommending Dyer for the job in the immediate aftermath of him leaving. I can only assume he was still steaming from celebrating his new job at the time.
  5. That's the part I do disgree on - surely if this was Tommy-ball we'd be seeing it in all games? While there certainly have been spells within games we've gone long (and also suffered from "cross and pray" early on), it's been fairly balanced between the "direct" play and the posession play. So my question if I could ask it to Wright would be - why tonight? Why demand an almost exclusively long-ball approach in the conditions that least suit it and stick with it when the players appear to be completely incapable of executing it.
  6. Did you stay for the whole game today or leave to go the pub because it was a bit windy?
  7. But the strange part is although we've been playing direct in spells within games, we've generally also had long spells of play short passing football, particular around the corners of the box, which we've made no attempt at tonight, and I've no idea why as the game is crying out for it - every half chance we've made tonight has come from those moves where we've done that rather than the aimless launches where, on the rare occasions we've won the first ball, we don't seem to have anyone playing narrow enough to pick up the second.
  8. Tell you what? At great lengths I explained why stats don't tell the whole picture for any player or team. You keep saying "but my goals and assists" over and over. By your logic, Alston has no goals or assists either. Given by your measure that's the only way to judge an attacker, no one has contributed anything so far in this game. Your inability to understand that you're arguing against yourself here is baffling. For the record, I agree McKenzie had a bad game. I don't think he was the worst of them as at least he got involved and covered his defensive duties, but he was just plain bad. So far, I wouldn't give a single player pass marks in this game, and I think the manager's performance has been worst of all.
  9. I don't disagree, but there's a chasm of difference between expecting beautiful football and expecting tonight's approach. We played fewer long balls when we had Kevin Kyle up front. We also seem to be really bad at it.
  10. Are you functionally illiterate?
  11. I can only assume from the fact we're at 65mins before changes that the long ball tactics so far are a deliberate instruction, which makes me seriously question Wright's judgement, regardless of how this ends up finishing,
  12. If you're going to keep spouting this drivel, could you at least stop making up sh*t you wish people had said, rather that what they actually said?
  13. If the long-ball stuff is a reaction rather than an instruction from Wright then I would switch Lyons for McGinn given McGinn seems to like putting his foot on the ball and slowly things down. Once again, Murray looks fine on the ball, but seems to struggle to get on it very often. Impossible to really watch his movement because of the camera angle though.
  14. First touch from McKenzie before the freekick was sublime.