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  1. Killiefc1

    Rangers thread

    Thought Alan Power was MOTM solid performance again
  2. Killiefc1

    Kirk Broadfoot??

    I do notice that you're a bit of a jobbie
  3. Killiefc1

    St Johnstone (H) Match Fred

    You having a laugh he's basically in there himself battling for the ball as half the time McKenzie is posted missing.
  4. Killiefc1

    Them v Killie fred 14/07/14

    We look utter utter horrible
  5. Killiefc1

    Well (H) Fred

    Why do we insist on playing McKenzie cm his positional sense is shocking
  6. Killiefc1

    Dons thread

    I could accept 1 2 nil defeat up there but cmon to feck 5-1. Thats just not acceptable and completely embarrassing. Every Killie fan that traveled and spent money I really do appauld your support for the team.
  7. Killiefc1

    Accies (H) thread.

    Just me that thinks bojaj should at least come on as a sub give him a chance.
  8. Killiefc1

    The Rangers Match Thread - 29/10/16

    I knew not to get my hopes up for this game. After being so solid at the back the past couple of games its like we have went back to the way we played against Aberdeen after playing so well midweek.
  9. Killiefc1

    Hearts Match Thread - 26/10/16

    Just back from the game one of the best i have seen for a while. Hearts couldnt cope with how quick we pressed and got in their faces. Man of the match for me has to be mckenzie. Been very critical of him in the centre mid position but he didnt stop running today the amount of times he pressed a player which led to them going all the way back to the keeper was fantastic. Bring on sevco.
  10. Killiefc1

    Team line up face Aberdeen 

    Don't get why we play a midfield we just bypass them with a long ball.
  11. Killiefc1

    Team line up face Aberdeen 

    lee Clark deserves all the abuse he gets iam surprised he doesn't get more. tactics are terrible style of play terrible choice of players terrible worst killie team I've seen in years horrific.
  12. Killiefc1

    Celtic Away

    Knew that would happen we score first then we fall apart always happens. A know it's Celtic but God knows how the players confidence will be affected a head of Aberdeen next week we really needed to win that match against thistle.
  13. Killiefc1

    Partick Thread

    It's as if Lee Clark in training just says skelp the ball long to Boyd see what happens.
  14. Killiefc1

    Partick Thread

    Style of play is horrific as if the ball is a hot tattie
  15. Killiefc1

    Boycot Celtic Away Games

    Hahahaha am just as bad in fact a was at parkheed setting the whole thing up last week. **** off you ***** your theory is total bollocks. When at any part of my comments did a say it was okay for them to sing that ****. Sectarian abuse shouldn't be anywhere in Scotland

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