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  1. KA9Killie

    Fan's questions for Cathy J

    Can Killie learn from the experience of Forest Green Rovers, which has successfully introduced vegan catering in recent years? How about our own vegan pie?
  2. Maybe I am hopelessly naive, but Sir Steve seems like a guy who means what he says. He has said that he won't leave Killie for another Scottish club, and that he will head south when his time here is up, therefore that is what he will do. Having spent 30 years in England, he will have a very different perspective on the Glasgow goldfish bowl, and I suspect that he doesn't find it very attractive. Once C*ltic clinch their successive trebles this season, the only way is down for them. Even maintaining that level of success would lose its novelty. Suspecting that SSC is a closet C*ltic fan, or even that he 'prefers' C*ltic, just because he attended a Catholic school is the kind of conspiracy theory that the idiots on F*llowF*llow lap up - I have never seen a quote from him saying anything other than he supported Killie as a boy.
  3. I thought so, but sometimes stating the obvious can be very satisfying.
  4. Struggling to remember the last time an OF-supporting ballboy would have anything to celebrate against us.
  5. KA9Killie


    He's dead right. Until the product is right, you don't deserve to sell it. Crowds have been dismal in recent years, but the other side of the coin is that 3000 people patronising a business selling a sub-standard product and run by a man who appears to have utter contempt for his customers could actually be seen as remarkable loyalty.
  6. KA9Killie

    Attendance tonight

    Before it was announced, I guessed that it was about 8-9000. It is always less than you would think because people spread themselves out leaving seats vacant due to lack of legroom. There were quite a few empty spaces towards the Dundonald Road end of the East Stand; the top section in the Moffat wasn't quite full, and the bottom section was completely empty; the Aberdeen fans wouldn't have filled half of the Chadwick Stand and even in the Frank Beattie stand (where I was) there was the odd seat not occupied. Add in the bits where seats have been removed and I reckon that 9000 is about right.
  7. KA9Killie

    Stlll a great season

    Very proud of everyone tonight. We have the best manager and assistant manager in Scotland and the transformation of our team is nothing less than miraculous. In the last two matches that we have played against every single team in the Premiership, no team has beaten us over 90, or even 120, minutes. That is the equivalent of half a season unbeaten - when did we ever achieve that before? Sir Steve left St Mirren a few months before they won the Scottish Cup and I really thought that he would complete that unfinished business with us this season. Four points clear in fifth place - you could have been sectioned for predicting that at the start of the season. Absolutely gutted tonight, but this is just the start of something big for our great club. Hoping for Motherwell to win the Cup now. I would normally support Aberdeen against either of the Glasgow arse cheeks, but I despise McInnes after seeing his antics tonight and I can't wish them any success as long as he is there.
  8. KA9Killie

    Cup draw for semis. It's Motherwell

    It's ours to lose now - Scottish Cup Number 4 coming up.
  9. KA9Killie

    Logan off !!!

    Stuart McLean got a lot of very unfair abuse when he played for Killie. I don't know if that is why his son never gives us anything, but he has been absolutely shocking any time I have seen him referee one of our games.
  10. KA9Killie

    European Football next season?

    Two games in hand over Hearts, so 5th place is definitely on. Confident that we'll qualify for Europe by winning the Scottish Cup.
  11. KA9Killie

    Paul Clarke

    Quite a shock to see two guys I've not seen for 30 years - guess we're all getting older. Paul was my favourite Killie player when I was young, so brilliant to hear him talking about his career. That goal against Clydebank was a cracker. The 10 club Premier Division was really cut-throat and teams like Killie never really had a chance of surviving beyond a couple of years. Even with full time football, we would not have got to 25 years and counting in our current run in the top tier without the benefit of a bigger league than we had then. It was a real shame that guys like Clarke, McCulloch, McDicken etc never got the chance to play full time.
  12. KA9Killie

    Tony Watt

    Lots of decent Belgian players - name one who still plays in Belgium, though! Their domestic league is nothing great, which I think is the point that was being got at.
  13. KA9Killie

    Dons away 27/01 Fred

    Definitely! Instant reaction to a bad result. I love Steve Clarke and cordially invite him to have sexual relations with anything he wants in my house.
  14. KA9Killie

    New goal keeper jasko keranovic

    The gentleman on the right didn't sign, though!
  15. KA9Killie

    Dons away 27/01 Fred

    No, I'm not, actually. Just p*ssed off at losing a game - had forgotten what it feels like.

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