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    Never read the sun
  2. Eastwood McGowan findlay Rossi Pinnock Dicker Mulumbu Kiltie Haunsrtrap Brophy Whitehall
  3. Being a fan of most clubs is hard...being a " supportive" fan is is even harder...high when it's a victory...low and even angry with each defeat...worse still with three in a row... If AD is to be our manager surely we cannot continue with the same set up for future games? It is not working and we simply don't look to be a threat going forward... What is the answer? Like all of us, I wish I knew.
  4. Not a single.positive to take from this dreadful performance
  5. St Johnstone are not a good side but we are doing our beat to make them look good
  6. The precedent was set with the Rangers playing a game without the results of the tests...but that was swept under the carpet...
  7. VAR is killing football as we know it...what was once a spontaneous game with lots of discussion points after the match...VAR has killed the spontaneity and it has resulted in some controversial interpretation of the rules by the Referees... Goal line technology I am all for ...VAR...no
  8. jock


    When signing Kabamba it was taking a chance on a player who Dyer could coach and develop...as he plays more games he is improving...Kiltie also getting back to playing as he was with regular game time...hopefully Kabamba continues to develop and improve and get into double figures in goals
  9. Delighted with the score...great performance second half and credit to manager sorting things out at half time
  10. Played reasonably well...but absolutely nothing up front apart from the endeavours of Kiltie
  11. Playing well but corners are awful
  12. Poor show compared to some really gritty performances up there where we were prepared to at least counter attack...