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  1. I think it is the right decision to slow the spread of Covid-19 but having watched the Cheltenham festival go ahead all week with 250000 people attending and 20000 returning to Ireland after today...still disappointed...will miss going to the game
  2. It could be classed as anti-Irish racism
  3. jock

    Alcohol ban

    Did we ever have the right to buy alcohol inside the ground in Scotland?
  4. What a game...did we throw it away? yep, but a great contest nonetheless...
  5. Never ever read the SUN...
  6. Thought we were pretty decent first half. Second half we were dreadful...why bring Brophy on to play along side Kabamba and not play up to them and support them...passing was hopeless...relegation battle in full swing now...
  7. Decent first half from Killie...Eduarde is different class...still in it...
  8. If AD had signed Ndjoli this thread would have went into meltdown...
  9. Would be delighted with a bigger league...16 you could still have a split...37 games per season and 3 down fourth bottom play off would give even more teams real aspiration of playing in top league
  10. But in most other jobs...once you have handed in your notice you usually leave after a short period...

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