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  1. Good of us to level the sides to 10 men each by bringing Kabamba on! What must brophy be thinking sitting watching that?
  2. Anyone (or all) of Power, Pinnock, Kiltie, Whitehall can get subbed anytime
  3. Absolutely nothing up front!
  4. I thought this was our 8th defeat on trot
  5. It’s our worst run of results for 40 years!
  6. Would be funny if there wasn’t a grain of truth to it. Still it’s a good picture, might use it myself
  7. Kabamba is worse than a man short. He is offering nothing for us at present. We need a striker to be able to hold the ball up!
  8. Every pound should be a prisoner right now
  9. Why don’t we bring every KO forward to noon or 1pm to avoid need to run floodlights?
  10. Doesn’t come to £55M or even £30M. Is Doncaster keeping the rest in SPFL coffers?
  11. SPFL Premiership Form Guide Points Last Six Rangers 18 Hibs 11 Celtic 9 Aberdeen 9 Dundee Utd 8 St.Mirren 8 * St.Johnstone 7 Motherwell 7 Livingston 7 Hamilton 7 * Kilmarnock 3 Ross County 1
  12. I thought first half today we did okay. Defended well and caused problems on the break. Second half we seemed to sit too deep and allowed them to pile on to us.
  13. Motherwell and Hamilton getting gifted points has been unfair on other teams and has dragged 6 clubs into the relegation battle.
  14. shug

    Loan watch

    Thought Cameron was pretty woeful when he came on. Doesn’t look like he’s capable of stepping up to premier league