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  1. shug

    Hearts away

    Can you pay at the gate? Or buy tickets at Tynecastle?
  2. I can't seriously believe he failed and Broadfoot passed!! Who's doing the medicals? Dicker??
  3. Well we should treat him like MJ and stop supporting him with supporters cash!
  4. There would have been a decision to make on whether to extend deals or let them go
  5. On the face of it not very inspiring, but i am going to hold judgement until I have a better view of what players are leaving and who he's bringing in. His signing strategy will define our season after January break.
  6. shug


    Sent you a message
  7. shug

    Loan deal

    Heard Falkirk are interested in taking Innes Cameron on loan for the season
  8. shug


    A real long shot but 3 of us heading down with 2 tickets, if anyone hears of any for sale, home or away end, I’d be very grateful if you could contact me here
  9. Asked the SLO for an update, he said phone the club but as usual no answer
  10. Also agree, ST holder, PSH, shareholder and it's extremely disappointing not to have had an email.
  11. Well they manage to send me an email every year to renew my ST, and the SLO has my email from the application process for this game
  12. Same here but with time at ten to five I fear i'm going to be disappointed. Such is life.
  13. PSH uninterrupted since buying it but not heard anything. What will be will be.
  14. Is it her full name or her names separated by a dot?

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