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  1. Or even an abundance of twitter downloads
  2. Really, we have just had 4 pages of bile instigated by McLean with his usual pull the pin out the grenade style of twitter trolling and then getting upset because he insinuates that every SNP voter hates the English. It is he that contrives to find quotes from idiots on one side of which there are plenty on both sides of the argument.
  3. Lost 1 Plot, please return to owner.
  4. Mcilroy56

    PM BoJo

    I certainly might think about it over chicken
  5. I really thought that this page would have been deluged by Facebook and twitter extracts.
  6. But none as angry as the twitter twatter copy and paste fanatic.
  7. Clutching at straws now, I have in-laws in New Zealand if you want them to sign your visa, the only way you will live under another Labour PM
  8. Where did you hear this? Would explain a lot
  9. I see 2 Labour MP’s have been naughty by not following social distancing rules, Barry Gardiner who joined in the Black Lives Matter protest and Rosie Duffield for meeting up with her married lover, whilst of course still observing the 2 metres...mmmm But neither appear to be resigning.
  10. You’ll know all about that
  11. None as blind as those who do not wish to see
  12. When you are on your hourly twitter troll do you never come across any derogatory comments from Unionists towards NS or SNP followers, or any adverse reports of Labour MP’s/ Councillors having made errors of judgement ? Or do you just ignore them. Let me tell you there are thousands out there on a daily basis and they aren’t that hard to find. I just can’t be bothered joining your childish antics.
  13. Don’t you know you are supposed to copy and paste SNP bad twitter p1sh that only shows the single minded thoughts of the unionist cult believers, irrespective of whether it is only half truths. Cmon when will you realise that union jacksters don’t like the truth.
  14. And with that I am away to cut the grass

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