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  1. killieboy1869

    Jones or Mulumbu?

    I'll be the odd one out - it's Mulumbu for me. Yes Jones has the potential to change a game in a split second, but Mulumbu has the potential to dictate the pace of the game and control the midfield. Here's hoping for both!
  2. killieboy1869

    49 Points

    Sorry pal, by my counting your numbers are off. I checked the league table the day Lee McC quit, and you've given Aberdeen 10 points too many, and Hibs 1 point. Celtic and Rangers seem right, so we'd be 3rd with a game in hand over Rangers. Great stuff either way! SSC manager of the year!
  3. killieboy1869

    Rossco Fred

    I think he's learning. I've been quite critical of Tshbola's off the ball energy levels when shutting down other teams. Today I was delighted to see him harrying and chasing the opposition and on many occasions he forced errors or won the ball back. I think he'll be better for that mistake, and as a team I think it helped Clarke's pre-match talk on Tuesday. It's a perfect reminder that we're only as good as we perform and concentration levels must be there from start to finish against a good Aberdeen squad.
  4. killieboy1869

    Erwin's Goal

    Was it not O'Donnell? Maybe I'm think of a different chance...
  5. killieboy1869

    March Fixtures?

    Hamilton are playing Hibs on 3rd April, so won't be then... If we are guaranteed top half (or botton half, yikes) we could play the following mid week but the computer will need time to throw out the final five fixtures and team need to get organised, so I expect it'll be sooner.
  6. killieboy1869

    Kirk Broadfoot

    I saw him ushering the fans out the door, gesturing like - keep walking, time you left. Then he came over to us go celebrate with the boys. Alex Dyer always looks pumped up after a win. He was right in there giving it some. Happy days!
  7. killieboy1869

    Alex McLeish

    Excellent news! The media can now focus on Killie, and how well he's doing at Killie. Well at least for another week or two before they start touting him for Ipox.
  8. killieboy1869

    Aberdeen cup ko time confirmed

    BBC is showing all 4 games as Saturday at 3pm.
  9. killieboy1869

    Motherwell Away 17th

    It seems be to all in our hands, but the margins between the teams from 6th down (possibly 5th too) are tiny. Look at our home wins vs Motherwell and County... so hopefully Sir Steve will take us there, but it'l only happen if the boys continue to apply themselves as they have done . Some cracking games coming up. We'll make or break in these home games against the likes of Dundee next week. Teams are going to be harder to beat, whereas before they came to win and would leave gaps. Mon the Killie!
  10. killieboy1869

    Total faith in SSC

    Sir Steve is at Fir Park this evening, sitting near my Well supporting pal in main stand. Hopefully he'll come up with a master plan for the 17th. Will be a big game if we can make top 6.
  11. killieboy1869

    Cup Draw Brora (H)

    Ayr at home please...
  12. killieboy1869

    150th Anniversary Mega Thread

    I'd really like a decent Blu-Ray. I have the 125th anniversary VHS but no VHS player now, lol. I should've picked up the reissued DVD with 1997 Cup Final, but never got around to it. If they made a version focusing on the last 25 years, and upgrade the old footage onto BluRay and throw that in as a bonus disk, I'd settle for that... If they could do something more, then even better.
  13. killieboy1869

    New deal for Boydie?

    Let's see how he does up to the split. Can't see him signing for anyone else if he wants to keep playing. I'm just not convinced he'll want to keep going. I reckon he'll want to finish on a high, and say he left at the top of his game, which is more likely to be this summer. We can't expect him to play as he has in December every week now, but if he keeps up the effort and chips in with a couple a month, then if he wants to stay, we should keep him.
  14. killieboy1869

    Jamie Macdonald

    I hope I'd not get sacked for dropping something. When someone replies that it's not the same, well I agree, and that's why your analogy doesn't work. Football is a beast of its own with its own rules and culture. Many goalies have made similar or worse mistakes and I bet you 99.9% were not sacked.
  15. killieboy1869

    Hibs Roll Call

    I'm in. Not been to Easter Road since the Cup Semis in 1997!

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