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  1. stumack

    Celebrity Deaths 2018

    Clerks was my favourite out the two, but obviously without stan lee.
  2. stumack

    Baby Chaos

    They used to practice in Shabby Road when my family had a wee roll shop where gardiners used to be. Davy Greenwood, their first drummer got me on the guest list when they supported Shed Seven at King Tuts and then i saw them at the ballroom when they supported terrorvision and the wildhearts. Bloody brilliant night.
  3. Shhh is CyberBob around?
  4. stumack

    Boyd Testimonial

    He's just warming up for his full time return to killie
  5. stumack


    It's nothing to do with genetics. It's cultural.
  6. stumack

    Jordan jones

    It's Lustig that should be getting panned worse than any of them today though.
  7. stumack


    We should all write to that fud fleming since he stupidly writes letters back to supporters
  8. stumack


  9. stumack

    SPFA to poll members on plastic pitches?

    and never mentioning it when they beat us.
  10. stumack

    Form in 2018

    A leader
  11. stumack


    looks like a good bit of kit.
  12. stumack

    Jordan jones

    spot on.
  13. stumack


    that perhaps tells a story
  14. stumack

    SSC and Kilmarnock charged by SFA

    SFA site says the principal hearing date is 25th October but i've no idea if that's been negated somehow by what's gone on before.
  15. stumack


    The kind of thing they should have had serious legal backup on this before they signed him.

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