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  1. It's happening in a lot of places because folk think that they need to see people to feel part of their teams etc. when in my case, i'm fed up talking to folk all day. Our place as introduced call free times to try and stop the overload a bit.
  2. I've a good headset that tells me when mute is active etc. A lifeline with some of the folk i have to listen to.
  3. Here we go again...Baz is right, this thread is truly depressing. Think i'll go back to cutting down forum time again.
  4. This idea that the board should be transparent and spill all the juicy details is absolutely absurd. That and the Cathy is going to break ranks and spill it behind Bowies back. Whether you agree that football is or is not a business in the traditional sense or not, it happens in no business now and no business in the future. I also think the clamour from the same people over and over again to hold Cathy to account is a highly predictable embarrassment.
  5. stumack


    My old man is a gaelic speaker originally from the islands and made no attempt to teach me as he knew there would be no gain for it for me. Can't say I disagree with him. No way it would have impacted my life if I had learnt it. If folk want to leant it bash on but I can't say I'd spend anytime doing it myself.
  6. Mods, for the love of God kill this thread.
  7. only serves to remind me why i hide his posts. he makes gdevoy look like a happy clapper.
  8. Neil Mccann is on the list too... oh please let it be him
  9. Nope, just you Would say Alyson is getting a raw deal if they are.
  10. Absolutely spot on. The lad gets far too bad a press for the job he does.
  11. Heard the same from a Dunfermline fan the other day.

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