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  1. Noone is that transparent and it really is.
  2. Exactly why i don't work in the public sector.
  3. you're even worse at trolling than cyberbob.
  4. Because, to me, it's not all about money,it's about behaviours. It was all behaviours that drove me away from joining the public sector, i've seen too many "managers" and C level people go into public sector, try and change the way public sector works and then still you end up with real work not being done while people fight over which budget the paper clips come out of. So many good people in public sector kept down and so many arseholes in it for a job for life and to hell with making it better. And "being beneficial to the wealthy few" is a far too limited view on it. I do IT securit
  5. This happens already anyway and for way more reasons than financial ones. I was offered a significant rise from my job in the private sector to a a similar role in public sector and i wouldn't have touched it with a bargepole.
  6. and just for some more info, killiefc.com is fine. It's whatever server/hosting platform that the forum itself sits on that's showing as insecure.
  7. certificate not trusted and a fair few issues with weak ciphers and protocols. Whoever hosts the site needs to have a look at that. Edge and Chrome not trusting it.
  8. yeah i'm up to date on chrome and still getting it. Just running a wee test on the site.
  9. Hilarious one yesterday was the folk threatening to complain to ofcom about Argos putting out an ad featuring a black family. "Oh my god the heresy. Let's boycott Argos because i can't identify with a black family, does this mean that Argos is just selling stuff to black folk now and not good old middle aged white racists?"
  10. Probably but noone told folk on tinternet to be outraged by it until this week
  11. I'm not but someone needs to tell boys they can't shag a lassie like a pornstar. And they need to assure girls that it's normal not to want to shag like a porn star. The pressure on kids in that regard is hard enough without completely unreal expectations. If it can be done like this with humour and facts, I'm all for it. The reaction on the internet to this from some is that folk need locked up and their hard drives checked for suggesting its a good thing.
  12. and if that's for 15-18 year olds, i'm alright with that.
  13. that's hilarious, love that video.
  14. I don't remember but was this Simpsons usual MO or was this a red mist because it was rangers the sheep were playing?