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  1. stumack


    The kind of thing they should have had serious legal backup on this before they signed him.
  2. stumack

    SC's Presser Pre Hibs

    you're a complete fun sponge.
  3. stumack

    SSC and Kilmarnock charged by SFA

    Brendan Rodgers spoke about it to sky sports as well suggesting that it might be better if they had an idea of who was on the panel and that former players/managers would be a good addition to it.
  4. stumack

    SSC and Kilmarnock charged by SFA

    that's a good shout actually
  5. stumack

    Jamie Mac

    Woodchip wallpaper would have a higher IQ.
  6. stumack

    Greg Taylor.

    I bloody hope not
  7. stumack


    Think he's asking why he's been downvoted. Cheers PE
  8. stumack

    Steve Clarke | Gary Dicker Appeal Statement

    At least its getting talked about. Seemed to be a lot of journos giving it a swerve yesterday.
  9. Not a movie, more a documentary. Just watched Icarus on netflix about doping in cycling. Starts off as a plan to show the gains that can be made if you dope and find a way of getting through the testing and then turns into a s**t storm. Really enjoyed it.
  10. stumack

    Steve Clarke | Gary Dicker Appeal Statement

    I'll help pay his fine if he gets one. A tremendous statement. Surely given the complete ineptitude of the sfa they have to follow through and respond.
  11. stumack

    Jerk Rice

    Not sure what to make of this one. "the best our culture can come up with is men can "marry" men and rice is racist."
  12. stumack

    Coulibally to Partick

    If Clarke wanted him, he'd have signed already.
  13. stumack


    I'm not fussed about the club doing that. It feels like pandering to utter morons to me.

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