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  1. He's injured. Nothing more to it.
  2. Off to St Mirren is what I've heard.
  3. Maybe its one of the other CB's that's leaving for pastures new.
  4. It's Hendry and Calvin Miller on loan apparently.
  5. Bit leftfield but Cillian Sheridan? Still only 30 and was on fire (albeit 6 years ago) before he got injured then fell down the pecking order when Boyd came back. 6 foot 5 with pace could be an ideal foil for Brophy. Been to Cyprus, Poland and New Zealand and has a better goal average than half of the names mentioned on here. Currently playing in Israel. Worth a punt?
  6. I rarely post on here but feel compelled to do so today as there does appear to be quite a bit of commendable blind loyalty in this thread. in the event my credibility and/or motive for posting is questioned, i've been a member for 15 plus years and a ST holder for 25 plus years. I can confirm I've heard exactly the same from a similar source. Worrying times.
  7. Roberto Di Matteo for me if we could afford him and persuade him to come. Worked with Clarke at Chelsea and Villa so would like to think that could provide some continuity to the much plauded coaching techniques used so successfully by Clarke and Dyer. His short time at Villa aside, his managerial win percentages stand up to any of the other names mentioned.
  8. Happened to me too on Friday. ST seats for my old man & I had already been sold so managed to get a few rows in front. No issues with that if it's adding to the support, as long as we don't get the "YOU'RE SITTIN IN MY SAIT" hassle when we've moved from ours without protest.
  9. I was up in Edinburgh today with my son for an open day at the Uni. Left there at 2:30 and made it to the East Stand turnstiles just after the first half ended. No turnstiles were open so I asked the steward at the gates how I could get in, only to be told, “the last turnstile shut a wee while ago, so as there’s no-one to scan your season ticket you canny get in.” Despite my protestations, he wasn’t for changing his mind so I ended up going to the front of the Frank Beattie and managing to blag my way in by speaking to a club official. Anyone else had the same issue? Is this the fault of the stewards/KFC or both? I bust a guy to get back for the second half (call me mad) and was point blank refused entry. Some may not have gone and tried other avenues, meaning a decent supporter making an effort to support the team (having paid for an ST) would’ve just headed for the hills!! I remember the days when you could go in for free after halftime. Now it seems you can’t get in at all - even with a season ticket! Very poor.
  10. I'm in Playa Blanca in Lanzarote. Sports bars all fine here as long as you want to watch the Septic game at 5 and Wigan v Liverpool at 7:45. For anyone here, I've managed to get the Irish Anvil (yes, I know!!) to agree to show the game.
  11. I'm happy to pledge. As is my Dad, and son - answering on their behalf as neither are members on here.
  12. killiecross

    v ICT away

    Should've hooked McKenzie instead of Higgy. We wouldn't have noticed we were a man down. Truly woeful and anonymous.

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