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  1. Dictators often come to bad end. You can see stirrings of rebellion from likes of Falkirk and Stenny. No one will be happy with this saga or Celtic trip so, hopefully, a head of steam is building.
  2. Surprised and delighted. Surely Doncaster has to go in light of this?
  3. Maybe the club's getting a bit tired of being in the top league? Only way I can rationalise these crazy comments from our 'manager.' Or, maybe we don't need a manager it's more of a self governing collective in Monty Python fashion?
  4. Sasssssh! Nobody tells us anything!!
  5. It seems he hasn't kicked on for whatever reason so I don't think he could add much this season.
  6. Fact is the prospect of going into rest of season with just Kabamba and Whitehall scares me.
  7. Not sure I'd move from Ireland in the middle of a pandemic for six months wages. Would it actually be to 30th June as a lot used to be?
  8. As Hibs have a legal duty of care to their employees to things strike me: 1) The League are inciting them to break the law and 2) If threats have been made whilst that's an absolute disgrace it's no defence for Hibs if they choose to play. I would have thought this is all the Scottish Government need to shut the season down.
  9. Hibs have a responsibility as an employer to look after the safety of their employees If I were them I wouldn't be playing this game in light of Celtic's refusal to test their players again. If someone gets covid it could be right back with us come Saturday. Whilst that could happen by any route this added risk is completely unreasonable especially in light of our treatment earlier in the season.
  10. I can't imagine the 'Not dishing out contracts ..........' remark is a footballing decision! If it is and he said it's more evidence that the manager simply isn't up to the job. I generally follow the rule that the Board aren't really talked about much when things go well (BB did get some praise though) and shouldn't be massacred when things go less well on the pitch. I'm also genuinely grateful that they keep the club afloat in very hard times. BUT we really need to know whether this lack of action on contracts is 1) true and 2) due to our financial situation? If things are tha
  11. What sort of motivation are these latest comments supposed to be though? To the players in particular but also to fans and potential fans. How many times do posters have to point out that the complete lack of forward planning we've displayed over the last two years means we lose all of our best assets for nothing? What this suggests to me is staying in the league every season is all that the club wants and with this approach one season our another we're going to come a real cropper. I dont enjoy having a go at Dyer. I really wanted him to be a success but what I think we all nee
  12. Two Alex Dyers? If there are neither is good enough and the recent wins haven't changed that fact!
  13. It's been asked before but why does Rory divide opinion so much? For what it's worth I think it's because both arguments have an element of truth! Our squad, not necessarily our first choice eleven, needs an adaptable hard working runner like him. At the same time he is limited and his goal scoring record for a forward thinking player is abysmal.
  14. A lot of people on here were wanting Kiltie at no 10 and the two full backs starting today for a long time. Seemed obvious to me and I can't understand why Dyer couldn't see it? Hopefully he does now! We need to kick on now and should do if defence stays tight and Kiltie, Burke and Mulumbu stay fit.
  15. If we're starting Mulumbu I'd think Rory gets the nod over Pinnock on grounds of mobility. God forbid things go wrong but Pinnock more likely to create something off the bench. Can't find the words to say how important the three points are today. Draw wouldn't be good enough and defeat and I fear for our future in this league. Hope we're going to positive!