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  1. Didn't Elidh interview Alan Power in the Park Hotel? If so however talented she is that's her career highpoint right there!
  2. When first read this I wondered if it's an argument for loaning managers? Of course there are even less successful managers in our price range than players. Nothing wrong with the view Dyer's record isn't good enough to date but give him our support and more time.
  3. If the deal is Eastwood has to play when fit then Rogers has been totally screwed over and managers ability to manage is undermined. I'd never go for a deal like that.
  4. I think the 'Great save' after the first goal is being overstated. For me that wasn't right in the corner and at a manageable height should be saved 75% of the time. Certainly would have added to criticism on here if it had gone in. If it's true that he's guaranteed first choice as part of the loan deal that's a terrible deal if he turns out to be another Woodman manager shouldn't be boxed in like that!
  5. The big problem is always money. A guy whose best hope is to be a run of the mill English Championship right back thinks he's better off as an expert summariser at Celtic in the interim than turning out for us!
  6. I remember when we were always being tipped for the drop. The fact that it's a surprise shows we've made progress in the last twenty odd years! Seriously though none of this build up stuff matters as much as the first touch of each player put out on the pitch tomorrow and should be seen in that light.
  7. Can't understand why this is even controversial. Far too quick in UK (and elsewhere) to make judgements on appearances and where people are from than who they are and, most important, where they are going! It's frightening how much talent judgements on race, class, beliefs etc. has wasted over generations and it needs to be stopped.
  8. When I posted mine I did wonder how folk end up supporting particular clubs? I was born in Canada and brought up in Preston so they are my English team. Don't know why I support Killie but I followed them as my Scottish club during their long decline. I first saw them in the monsoon match at Dens in 91 which we lost unluckily (TB was magnificent that day) and I was totally hooked. Did I have a choice? It's a mixture of emotion and a feeling of belonging I think. I see similarities in terms of the two places, being post industrial underdogs with much bigger clubs in the vicinity, and, of course, a much despised seaside non football place a few miles away! Back on topic I'm delighted we signed a keeper and hope we have a couple more players incoming!
  9. And if we didn't dream we wouldn't choose Killie!
  10. There's no honour in football and we should have learned that over recent Windows. Watford must be the most unstable club in the UK. If we have taken things in good faith with no plan B.........!!
  11. Too true. Otherwise little Bournemouth shouldn't have been allowed to battle it out with a proper club like Aston Villa! If supporters of smaller clubs can't dream and occasionally come out on top the whole game may as well be a franchised soulless mess!
  12. Glad I have Accies 10th then above RossCo and St. Mirren!
  13. Better than Dicker (in his position) who was creaking last season. If it was a pure meritocracy I think he did enough to be first choice but, of course, it isn't and that's the one thing that worries me about Dyer.
  14. In response to the question about what he isn't doing but could I think Rory has the ability to be one of our best two or three players with a double figure tally in term of goals and assists. In terms of actual output he's miles away from that and it frustrates me and has for years now. I don't think thinking that makes me anti Rory who seems to be a really nice guy. Furthermore if he lived up to his potential he could be talking Scotland squad not T&T. As with Greg Kiltie this is a really big season for him and as a Killie fan I'd love to see us raving about them rather than reminiscing about the past contributions of the likes of Rangers bench warmers Jones and Stewart!

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