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  1. There is no scheme of things, at least not one most if us can identify and if there is it really isn't that grand!
  2. On reflection there is no way we will be promoted performing like that. There have been a number of turgid performances this season where we look less than the sum of our parts. That's a managerial issue whatever you think of Tommy Wright. There's no doubt in my mind that Arbroath was the worst performance of the season. I think that blew the theory that it's teams playing defensively and stifling us that's the problem. Rather than worry about ICT or anybody else we need to get our house in order!
  3. No! If they spend 20 hours a week on football (and that's pushing it) does that mean they're twice as good as our fulltimers? If they are twice as good why the hell with our much vaunted budget didn't we sign them? The truth is that they worked ard (Dyer flashback) but are mostly pretty limited. What's that say about us?
  4. I can understand the way Wright defended the arseholes who got us relegated last season because he was lumbered. This season it's his team and there are options to change things. He seems slow to do that and when folk perform ad dreadfully as (say) Fraser Murray they shouldn't be on the pitch for the full 90 minutes. God one knows what that does for Armstrong's confidence. If he's going to keep giving misleading political type answers to questions then I ain't gonna waste anymore of my time listening. The juries out.
  5. Gone for Haunstrup. Much improved with apologies to Euan Murray and Hemming. The rest should be apologising to us!
  6. I can see the logic of this but TW seemed to be satisfied. The worry was the complete paucity of ambition. Tonight wasn't anywhere near what's required!
  7. He was terrible and McKenzie was worse!
  8. This is absolutely not about entitlement and I recognise Arbroath are good at what they do but to be outplayed and outfought by a part time outfit is unacceptable! At least we weren't outfought by CQN. From that point of view this was worse.
  9. I'd take F Murray off now. Shouldn't stay on for 90 with so little effort as a matter of principle!
  10. Both centre backs jittery and yet each have saved a certain goal. Lyons showing lots if energy but a bit of a headless chicken. The worry is we made little attempt to play much constructive football. Positives are we didn't concede and both fullbacks doing well. Our front two are different class at this level. If we create something decent we'll win.
  11. Battle? Only one team battling at the moment! Come on get a grip!
  12. If I was ever in a position to own a football club I'd take runners up or finalists off an honours list/board. Might go with 'Promoted' if appropriate but I'd have no use for second place in the top league still less third. It's about an attitude of mind. All you have to do is win and settling for less, even more honouring it, engenders a losing mentality. I wonder how many times in the history of Killie a wee team feeling of inferiority cost us? That's not to say the Clarke era wasn't amazing and enjoyable but we're still carrying the scars of the subsequent collapse. We have to move on and whilst I'm all for community development, decency and having a team of good guys we can like and be proud of the equation is success = winning of honours! Third place or a cup? No comparison! Champions this season or third place in the top league? That's a more difficult one but it's an embarrassing stat that we haven't won any league in so long!
  13. Casual support will always be more drawn to a winning team than an exciting one. Obviously if we can do both that's the ideal. The 'trick' is to take that potential support and make fanatics out of them. The way this is done is through the community work and players and staff at Killie being ambassadors for the club at all times. I know that can be demanding sometimes but most people are reasonable most of the time and will appreciate a little recognition without trying to monopolise it. Above all make sure a visit to Rugby Park is a welcoming and pleasant experience for everyone. For what it's worth I think we are like this most of the time. Something went horribly wrong in the previous couple of seasons and the dressing room issues led to a serious disconnect between team and fans. Success on the pitch isn't the be all and end all but it certainly helps the atmospherics around the club. A happy and together dressing room contributes to that success so maybe it's a virtuous circle?
  14. A mystery solved!! Thank-you.