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  1. John Sludden was the perfect foil for Wullie Watters. The ball would stick to him, he could pick a pass and TB rated him highly , always his out ball when moving forward. Wullie wouldn't have got loads of the goals without Sludden. A great partnership at the level we were at
  2. Pretty sure his record is worse than Lockes. Getting up there with McCullochs. So what if hes a nice guy.
  3. Keeper nearly sold jerseys again , lack of finish from saints player saved him ffs
  4. What system is that ? Not a criticism , just an observation/query. Surely we should have ONE guy on the pitch to go to and say " create something " . Being solid and workman like wont get us too far. Probably be safe from relegation but is that our goal ? We looked ok if not decent with the ball last week. Pretty wee passes , but not really going anywhere. If we can do that but trust a player to link it all together surely that's best ? I dont think we have a player in that mould (kiltie is closest but not quite)
  5. 3000m runner at commonwealth games
  6. Run Forrest run................... eh I mean Rory
  7. Kiltie is a decent player, but he isn't a No10 player. He wont take games on and thread balls through and create chances from nothing. Rory tries hard and covers loads of distance. Seb Coe could run for miles, bet he wasnt much of a footballer though
  8. BLOODY SIGN A CREATIVE MIDFIELDER , are all the coaching staff blind ??? Been screaming out for one for months and months. Kiltie isn't a no10 player before anybody starts
  9. Will say it until its resolved, we need a no10 fgs. How the hell has this not been looked at. Plenty of ball, huff and puff. No cutting edge. NOT ROCKET SCIENCE
  10. Michael Stewart just summed us up perfectly after just 15mins of the season. " killie are a good solid team, they circulate the ball well but no cutting edge or real pace in final 3rd " . Absolutely spot on, but nothing new tbh.
  11. Snapped your hand off right now for a point, tbh.
  12. Add kiltie to that list too, but none of them are the cutting edge type of player to create something from nothing. Thread passes, link midfield to strikers. Kiltie probably the closest but not an out and out no10 ( stewart, durrant, eremenko). Could still struggle to create many chances per game but be difficult to break us down !!
  13. All decent creativity, not what I described