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  1. Mogwai

    Incomings and outgoings.

    As for the likes of Fletcher, I doubt he'd need the money at this stage. So perhaps the possibility of getting into coaching under Steve Clarke holds more appeal than whatever Aberdeen can offer...
  2. Mogwai

    Incomings and outgoings.

    That's exactly what I was thinking. Maybe a cheeky wee under-the-radar loan?
  3. Mogwai

    Next Season's Strip

    Glad to see the cape is detachable. I wouldn't want to be a health and safety risk around the lab.
  4. Mogwai

    Opinions needed Derek McInnes

    I'll stick up for him. McInnes is a good manager and I think West Bromwich could well tempt him given his history there. Yes, he is not well liked by opposition fans but doesn't that tell you something? The Aberdeen fans I know think he is great (but to be fair are annoyed about the results against the rangers and celtic). They can play some wonderful stuff at times but his teams also know how to do the other side of the game to get results. His transfers have been decent but he has signed a couple of turkeys. Annoyingly for us, his team hasn't lost to Clarke's side. Yep, they do seem to bottle it against the rangers and celtic, but they are a good effective team for the most part. I reckon he'd do well for you guys and would maybe get a bit more time to settle in given his ties with the club. If he goes, I'd expect him to take McKenna with him. Cracking prospect. Good luck next season, whoever you go with!
  5. Mogwai

    Scott McClymont interview

    Spot on, Jesper. It seems like everything is coming together nicely - the team on the pitch first and foremost - but the marketing and comms, Gav's enthusiasm and fan re-engagement is making being a Killie fan fun again!
  6. Mogwai

    Gary Dicker

    Really pleased to see Dicker sign up again. The players have earned their extensions and it's so good to have a much more settled squad. How long do we have SOD contracted for? If he and Taylor are our full backs again next year, I'll be happy. Fingers crossed Mulumbu fancies staying for another season, but I reckon he'll be off home to France.
  7. Mogwai

    Confidemus93: 1 to 11 with Paska

    Got to love it when Pasca says "We are flying" when asked about the current team under Steve Clarke.
  8. The banter years (as they are known on P&B) have been some of the funniest and the guys who shafted Rangers being called Green & Whyte is the cherry on top. Either that or it's more evidence that this is all a dream and I'm going to wake up back at RP with Jimmy Calderwood in charge and that Falkirk player about to shoot at essentially an open goal from about 12 yards...... "Are you ok? You blacked out for a bit there when they scored. Started foaming at the mouth and mumbling nonsense about Steve Clarke and being undefeated against the OF? Anyway, C'mon we'll go and drown our sorrows....."
  9. No, no, no......I think the guy has got a point. We'll stick with 'inexperienced' Clarke and sevco should get McCoist - the manager they deserve. In an act of generosity, I'll even drive Ally to Ibrox if it helps to seal the deal.
  10. I always felt Celtic fans were more humble than Rangers fans. Maybe that was because I come from a large Catholic family. Maybe it was because of the 10-in-a-row years when Rangers dominated Scottish football. Sure, there are decent folk on both sides, but I've lost count the number of times some of those I thought of as 'decent folk' are happy to become 90 minute bigots of the worst kind. They desperately need each other, as they are often more defined by what they stand against than what they stand for. I've come to realise that many of them are just bampots with the same mentality but different insults. As for schooling - I think religious schools of any kind are an embarrassment to modern society. They are an anachronism. Children should absolutely learn about religions and non-religious views in a safe school setting, just as they learn about many other things. If parents want their children to be exposed to religion, then let it happen in Churches/Chapels, Synagogues, Mosques etc.
  11. Mogwai

    Incomings and outgoings.

    I've always thought Chris Erskine at Partick was a great player. Might not fit the system, though.
  12. Mogwai

    U21 Calls-up

    I would have bet my house on Muirhead bring older than that. How many clubs had he had?
  13. Mogwai


    I think all of them would see representing their country (or even just being in the squad) as a massive honour. However, I will give you that they need to rest because of the backlog of fixtures.
  14. Mogwai


    Sometimes I like to remind myself that I know hee-haw about football management, even after years of playing FM on the computer. At the start of the season I was sure Boyd was done, but was happy that we had a big strong carthorse in Erwin who would bully defences while Brophy would do the running and the fancy set up play. Boyd is reborn and by rights should be in the Scotland squad. Erwin has finesse, close control, weights his passes beautifully and sets up crucial goals. Brophy to be fair does plenty of running but is a powerhouse with a thunderous shot. Knowing that I know nothing kinda takes the pressure off.
  15. My only complaint is that we should have both Gav for his enthusiasm and professionalism AND the guy who did the comedy half time scores announcements at the last game. My favourite was, "Hamilton 1....." And that was it. It could have been straight from Monty python or the Fast Show. I think there was something else with the subs. I remember laughing, but don't remember what he said. Comedy genius.

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