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  1. Germany's is 1.2% of their GDP but Scotland a country of just over 5 million it is Over 5% of our GDP. WTF. No wonder the Gers figures look bad & that's only defence.
  2. We used to sit in Berthas class & somebody would shout from the back when ahe wasn't watching "It's a wig" Children can be cruel and half her class would end up outside Mr Hyslops office waiting to be punished.
  3. Idiot Aberdeen players were spotted in the Town Centre bars last week.
  4. Why do they show quotes from the managers interviews at various stages of the highlights. Fecking annoying. Am I correct that they did that for all the games except the Old Scum ones.
  5. Don't you think Scotland getting independence & England having to move their Nuclear Wespons & submarines out of the Clyde would weaken England. It's exactly what Russia would want. Westminster would be arguing for years about where to site their Nukes. Not many down south would want them in their back yard.
  6. I went up on my motorbike. After the cup was presented I rode down to the Jolly Farmers. There was a couple of Killie fans in who had left Ibrox early. They didn't know we had won until I walked in singing. When I went into work the next day one of my workmates who had also left after their 2nd goal didn't know we had won until I handed him a newspaper and told him to check the back page. He shall remain nameless..........Josie.
  7. harley

    PM BoJo

    The thing is Zorro. Neither you or our 1st Minister stated months ago that they had put a ring of steel around care homes. That was Johnson & Hancock.
  8. A certain member would be posting every news report if it was an SNP politician.
  9. Between 2013 & 2018. Five f**king years. Bastard should be stripped of his MP pension. We are still paying to keep this Pedo in & out of jail.
  10. harley

    PM BoJo

    Sturgeon didn't make the crazy herd immunity statement & didn't boast Trump style about shaking hands with everybody in a hospital with Covid patients then also state he would carry on shaking hands with everybody. He has caused thousands of needless deaths. Even the scientists at that time were advising us to keep our distance from others. That irresponsible feckwit completely ignored them.
  11. While not wishing him dead I think the UK would be in better place now if he had snuffed it. Looks like he used his Covid infection as an excuse to hide in another hypothetical refrigerator & not attend further Cobra meetings after his herd immunity plan killed thousands.
  12. I don't think anybody on here hates English people. Like you we probably all have English friends. I even had an English great grandfather. Old Joe from Manchester. You constantly repeating this nonsense just proves how bitter & twisted you are & just proves how weak your arguments are. I think it is also because you are really worried because out in the wider population the Nationalists are winning the argument. Jeez I don't even hate you even after you label me a Cult, Snazi, Tartan Tory etc, etc. If Nicola Sturgeon invented a cure for cancer or Covid you would still slag it off as N
  13. Did somebody force feed you haggis & shortbread when you were a toddler. FFS man.