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  1. Except the Scottish government don't have control over the Airports, UK border controls & as part of the UK don't have independent science advisors. Also the UK government tried to take over our PPE precurement & stopped track, trace & testing at the start of the pandemic. Unfortunately we are handcuffed to these ignorant money grabbing f**k wits. Yes we should have closed down earlier but when one of the UK government NHS advisors Dido Harding is on the board at the Jockey Club & the Cheltenham Festival it just goes to prove that the Tories value their bank accounts over peoples lives. Surprise, surprise the 1st sport to start up is horse racing. PS. I'm agreeing with you Zorro. What annoys me are people like McLean who are happy to let the Tories control us forever unless we can gain independence.
  2. Fortunately I saw him at Kelvingrove a couple of years ago and at places like the Fruit Market years ago. Even though he had went through serious health scares he put on a brilliant & funny performance. I've been listening to a lot of his albums recently, magic.
  3. harley

    PM BoJo

    I got the impression that the scientific advisor wasn't too happy tonight. She seemed to infer that some of the decisions were political & that they didn't give that advice. We were told at the start that the decision to stop testing was a clinical one. She said that if was a capacity one. Completely different to what the Tories have been telling us for weeks. She looked pretty miffed.
  4. I agree that the Scottish Government have like the UK government been slow to react & save lives but you still have to take into account that we were following the UK & Sage advice as has been proved at the start of the crisis. In the main the Scottish Government has been quicker to act than the UK. I just wish both or all 4 governments would come out & admit that they have made mistakes rather than keeping stating that they were taking Scientific & Clinical advice. IMO when this is all over our politicians may have more to say about the flawed UK approach.
  5. Your beloved Labour representatives would never cosy up to Trump or Murdoch, would they Mclean? You are a hypocrite. I copied in the last couple of pics with Blair & Bush to remind you that it was the Labour party who started an illegal war & flung the whole world into turmoil which still persists today. Trump becomes Scotland ambassador Mr Trump will join the the Globalscot network to promote Scotland US business tycoon Donald Trump is to become an ambassador for Scotland, it has been announced. It came as the billionaire New Yorker ended a three-day visit to Scotland in which he promoted a £300m golf course he plans for Aberdeenshire. After accepting an invitation from First Minister Jack McConnell, Mr Trump will join a network of influential people who promote the country. Mr McConnell said he was delighted the tycoon had taken up the offer, adding: "This is a good bit of business for all concerned."
  6. The Labour party when in power had full fiscal control of the UK budget to carry out the things you mention McLean as you well know. Scottish government has to run things according to what the Tory government now gives them. As for tax raising powers in Scotland it is near impossible to mitigate the Tory cuts when we only have control over about 30% of our tax raising powers. If we were independent I think you would probably be quite happy about what follows.
  7. He’ll just shout “fake news, fake news” & the rednecks will fall for it.
  8. At least they are asking the difficult questions. BBC on the other hand is a joke Dan Walker. “ thank you very much Mr Hancock, do you mind if we ask you another couple of questions” A fawning disgrace.
  9. Cmon McLean. You can’t have it both ways. You either like flag wavers or you don’t. Make your f**king mind up. I toasted all the old soldiers yesterday but Churchill can get himself to feck.
  10. You can make this statement while supporting the Union who think they are superior to everyone on the planet. That is really ironic. It's either a joke or you are really deluded.
  11. Probably the wrong time to get him as he had a particularly bad viral infection & hardly kicked a ball for them.
  12. He's to be guest of honour over a video link. This was quoted at the end of one of the announcements.
  13. So why didn't you complain about the suppliers when the Scottish Government did no wrong. Of course that doesn't suit your agenda.

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