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  1. Wild speculation about income on every front here and no consideration to the huge costs involved in running the club, operational costs could be double or triple what we are bringing in but you've allowed for none of that. Yes we do need some hope but it has to be tempered with a sense of reality. We'll be lucky to come out the other end of this with a club but that doesn't seem enough for some fans. Now is the time for prudence and steadying the ship, not speculating with money we do not have and gambling on revenue that we may never see. My heart bleeds for you that you've had to pay for your club down the years, but I think you'll find that every other fan of every other club has as well, that's the way it works and always has done. Sorry but this just reeks of lack of understanding and pure guesswork and only focuses on one side of the story, when we all know there are always two.
  2. How do you know if an untested manager will be any good if you don't give him time? Its an absolute fallacy that past records earn managers time, it earns them kudos, if they have a string of crap results then the fans want them gone no matter their reputation. I give you Mourinho, fantastic record, Man Utd fans wanted him gone, Spurs fans want him gone. Squirrel guy made that point for me, SAF had an amazing record and a mediocre run of results had the Man Utd fans on his back, it was patience by their board that gave him the time to settle and prosper. My opinion is not changing, expecting to judge a manager in 15 games, especially given exceptional circumstances, is an absolute joke.
  3. No, I'm saying that the fans wanted them out and the board acted on it. I agree they were dubious appointments in the first place, but the fact remains that fan power ultimately got them sacked, rightly (for the most part) or wrongly. Consistency is key and our lack of it has been seriously detrimental to our form. Changing the manager all the time is bad.
  4. You talk about my comparison and then you throw Klopp in the mix! Managing Liverpool is a bit different from managing Kilmarnock - that's pretty much at the heart of my point. We are expecting too much. I also maintain that 15 games is no time to gauge a manager, completely contrary to your point, those without a track record should potentially be given longer because they have nothing to live up to. I say again, name me one person with nous in the professional game that thinks 15 games is enough to judge anyone? Calling bulls**t on the "data and metrics" as well. No one in their right mid would take 15 games as a sample and have the cheek to claim it is representative. As for my opinions, they were exactly that, opinions, I'm not claiming they are anything else unlike yourself; how can I provide any evidence at all when my point is there is not enough evidence for anyone to judge?
  5. I can and I did. You know fine well my point about SAF was about giving someone time to find their feet and patience being a virtue, I was not drawing comparisons between the two's careers. You can also try and rationalise your opinion that 15 games is enough to judge a manager on all you want. You are just plain wrong, and I defy to to find anyone in the football world of any nous whatsoever to agree with you. Every football fan has ambition, every football fan wants the best for his club, no one wants to settle for second best, but ambition has to be tempered with reality, and in this current reality there is a lot more to factor in than usual.
  6. Board in the main sack managers when fans turn on on them. After the sacking of Shiels fans called for the head of Johnston, Locke, Clark and McCulloch at various times - there was also a campaign to get shot of Alessio from the outset and now Dyer as well is getting the "not good enough for us" treatment. That's six of the last eight. You can't tell me that the fans were not instrumental in them all (apart from Dyer) getting the Spanish archer.
  7. A whole 15 games? Just imagine that's what Alex Ferguson had at Man Utd and they decided to bin him. 15 games, let that sink in. Seriously, who the hell do we think we are that we can write people off after 15 games? The sense of entitlement is astonishing, some fans are expecting miracles and think we are in the upper echelons of football, but we're not. No one is saying we should settle for just anything but a bit of realism wouldn't go wrong. It's not wonder our turnover in managers has reached ridiculous proportions when our fan base are living in cloud cuckoo land.
  8. Not like Killie fans to slaughter someone before they've had a fair crack of the whip eh? The way the season ended didn't give Dyer a chance to pull things together and he was trying to rescue the season with a squad that had all but fallen to pieces. Maybe with some time and some of his own signings (and some support, he's the Killie manager, some support wouldn't go amiss) we will see a far better team and some more consistency. He proved that he was capable of results and was let down a few times by individual errors, and we were all already in a huff with the club before he was given a chance at all. This season coming is going to be unprecedented as well and many clubs will struggle on all sorts of levels, is it the time to bring in another unknown quantity or should we try and find some stability because we might well have to reply on some of the youth prospects the way things are going, we're quibbling about signings and we will be lucky to come out the other side of this with a club. The financial effect of this virus is being underplayed by many so that there is no panic, but we do not have the cash reserves to be splashing out a complete overhaul. I'll be honest and admit I wouldn't say no to Gary Holt if there were no financial penalties, he knows the club, knows the fans, has experience at various levels and sometimes the right man in the right job can make all the difference; but what happened last season is not going to be repeated and we'll probably just have to accept that and get behind the club and everyone there that remains.
  9. There are experts?
  10. I can't really disagree with most of that, especially the leadership point. As much as I am indebted to Billy Bowie for intervening, side lining MJ and putting money in where it was deemed most needed, he should really have taken on the role of chairman and if he didn't want it should have elected or headhunted someone else to take it on.
  11. Seriously, what do you expect to see? We had one window and it proved problematic for a variety of reasons, yet we are slaughtering Fowler for not signing a match winner from the heap of crap available in January that no one else wants. We don't know what he does on a day to day basis so we assume he does nothing, I've said this before, why do we always assume the worst? He might be doing a sterling job and holding everything together but because we don't have first hand knowledge of it we think its okay to slander his efforts. How anyone at the club gets motivated to do their best is beyond me, we are constantly bringing them down and only every show appreciation when we get a win on the park, we are turning into literal stereotypical fickle fans.
  12. MJ never owned 100% at any stage, otherwise why would he even consider an AGM if he was the only shareholder? Budge has been paid back has she not? They could probably remove her if they want. He who pays the piper calls the tune. You quite rightly point out all the good things that are happening at Hearts and the sting in the tail being that they are in real relegation trouble. At some point fans will have to get to grips with the fact that football decisions are very difficult and more often than not mistakes will be made, that's football, that's what happens, not everyone can win things all the time and be super successful on the park no matter how well you are doing off it. We are very quick to be pointing the finger at any perceived arse up while only a small percentage of fans are actually going the extra mile to try and help. I understand that not everyone can make that extra commitment, but I equally don't understand how so many feel they are entitled to launch into Billy Bowie who is probably doing his best in a field that is alien to him. It's not about knowing your place before anyone gets on their high horse, its about appreciating our strengths and weaknesses and accepting that there are no white knights going to come in and no one else cares about Killie except us. We should be glad that Clarke was touted and then taken up by the board, not hold it as a yardstick against them, there are not many managers of his calibre about that would even entertain talking to us. I'm not saying we should settle for less, but we should acknowledge that he was the exception and not the rule and that we were the envy of every club in the country out with Celtic at the time - on our budget and with our average crowd that was no mean feat. Progression was always going to be difficult, sacking managers the fans are unwilling to give a chance and slaughtering the board constantly for mistakes they made in the (even recent) past is only going to lead to heartbreak. We need a period of stability while the off field issues are being addressed, years of mismanagement are not undone in a matter of months or even in some cases years, there are commitments and contracts to consider. The Fowler appointment is a step in the right direction but certainly not the final piece in the puzzle, the biggest mistake for me that the board is making is not expanding the board, they need help not hunted.
  13. You "can't see what She actually brings to the table" so you assume that it's nothing. Maybe you should go along to the trust night and ask rather than just assume? She doesn't represent the fans, she represents the trust, how many times does this have to be stated before it sinks in? She's not on the board just for show like previous fans were, her position was bought and paid for by the trust members and tik subscribers and if you actually bothered your arse looking into it before just spouting your ill-informed opinions you would see that she has specific tasks and jobs to perform on the board, just like the other two directors. If she's clever at speaking and giving out only the information that she is allowed to or wants to then I would rather have that than an idiot who blabs about everything and open the club up to all sorts of stuff. If you think that makes her sound like a politician then maybe that's why she was a successful one for quite a few years. No one likes politicians of course, until they want something done or someone to moan at, but they run the country for a reason, the reason being they are for the most part clever - the ability to be able to handle yourself in conversation is looked down upon, mostly by people who can't read between the lines or can't keep up. How many more sheep are we going to get mouthing off about the same crap despite knowing the square root of bugger all about the trust, about their representative and about what actually happens at the club?
  14. According to the what was said at the time, the role is permanent and if it is vacated then it will be filled again by an election process.
  15. This has been asked and answered a while back, in case you missed it the Trust Board put three candidates forward to the Club Board and the Club chose from that. The three candidates were selected by the Trust Board because the first person in the role had to be the right fit to show that having someone in there would be beneficial to the Club. It was a one off and any future candidates will be nominated via an election process, doing all the things you've mentioned. I think that was acceptable given the circumstances, but I'm still waiting to hear what the proposals are for nominating new folk, there doesn't seem to be any process in place for that yet unless I've missed it.

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