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  1. Im not sure where the best place is to ask this question, and I couldn't find the Killie Tv thread but: Does anyone know if I (an international fan) will be able to continue watching games through my Killie Tv Subscription? or will I have to fork out for individual games when we go to accies or whatever? Ive kept my subscription running through Covid to provide income for the club and hope to keep it up if im getting the games on there also. Any info would be great,
  2. If Taylor does go on to sign for another club are we due any type of compensation?
  3. McInnes would be a basketball coach, there he can finally create his dream of playing a team containing only players over 7 foot.
  4. How can we go from the game management under Clarke to this. Absolutely no game plan. Bowie Go and get Gary Holt!!!
  5. If Dyer gets the job in the summer then we have no ambition. Another late goal conceded under him. f**k off Kilmarnock
  6. Will we be showing the Hamilton game or is it just audio? Are Hamilton one of the clubs still stuck in the 90s?
  7. We will be going for top of the s**te then this season. Atleast we wont have to play Aberdeen again
  8. The "get it furrit" fans in the Frank Beattie love a short corner!
  9. Get Johnston on for Brophy and lets try and hold out for the win...
  10. Hope everyone is piling money on Aberdeen to win now. Free money
  11. Poor Kid probably has a sore neck watching the ball fly over him. Although his best seasons did coincide to playing beside John McGinn
  12. We look very lightweight in the midfield. Could be troubled by the big physical Aberdeen team. Hopefully itll be like Bugs Bunnys team in Space Jam and we are too quick and nimble for them. Surely tonight is the time we do them Cmon Killie
  13. He missed a couple that I remember but put both rebounds in. One at Inverness away in a 3-1 win up there over winter period, Was midweek in the Mixu season. Think he missed and then scored the rebound at Ibrox too
  14. One of the rightbacks that Lee Clark signed was absolutely woefull. He played in the League cup game against Clyde that Coulibally scored a backheel in. Jamie Cobain. He was part of the 11 signings he made. He was nowhere near our standard. A quick search and he has been without a club since he left us. Not really surprised. Bit unfair to select a guy who never played a league game but I just remember him from that game at Broadwood and he was absolute dung. Special mention to Mark Waddington. Anyone remember Aime Koudou?
  15. It still completely dumbfounds me that they still hark on about Bobby Sands. As if that has anything at all to do with football or this century. They are well and truly stuck in the past. Very very strange behaviour. Hope Dicker reported him

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