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  1. GrazyKillie

    Next up Perth

    They give the OF both stands behind goal and I think have done so for aberdeen. A club like ours who is happy to take th ticket money when offered.
  2. GrazyKillie

    Hearts away, Fred

    Much appreciated if anyone has a stream? Can’t seem to find any online
  3. GrazyKillie

    Youth Cup

    To who....?
  4. GrazyKillie

    League Cup Format

    What about when St Johnstone qualified for Europe a few seasons in a row? or Motherwell? or are you only picking teams to suit your agenda against the cup - these teams get a bye because they have finished above everyone else. Why should we be punishing teams for getting into Europe? Surely we should be doing everything to help these teams qualify for group stages etc. I like the league cup format as it gives smaller teams a boost financially - also puts a bit more in the bank to spend before the window shuts. Much better than inviting s**te like notts county to play a "glamour" friendly in front of one man and his dug. Another point - Motherwell made it all the way to the final last season despite playing in the group stages... FOUR more games didnt do them much harm when they pumped rangers in the semis
  5. GrazyKillie

    Sick fed up of JJ talk

    Anyone fed up with the JJ rumours is in the wrong business. Our players being linked with big money moves etc has to be taken as good news. It means they are playing well and can only be a positive for the club. This is the type of club that we are. If we can be seen as a stepping stone to a big move in a players career then it can only benefit us. I obviously hope JJ stays but if he moves on to bigger and better things and gets us a decent fee then I hope he does well and promotes the great club that we are.
  6. GrazyKillie

    Worst XI

    Kroca has a league cup winners medal, think that automatically disqualifies him from worst 11
  7. GrazyKillie

    Bizzare Killie Episodes

    There was a strange bust up with a steward at mwell away a few seasons back. Think he wasn’t letting an old boy downstairs. Started a big rammy in the stairs at FT, polis had to surround the steward. Think there were a few folk in headlocks. Boydy scoring 6 but getting one chopped off incorrectly was bizarre. 4-4 draw at home to Dundee Utd was a strange game. Bryso may have adored a cross/shot or a belter... great game
  8. GrazyKillie

    McFadden comments in Stephen O'Donnell

    Forrest is a better player than O’Donnell. Forrest has probably had the best season of his career and has featured as a wing back for Celtic. To say he’s only being picked because he plays for Celtic is nonsense. ODonnell has a chance of starting as RB in a back 4 but if it’s 3 at the back he’s behind Forrest and rightly so. Cementing a regular place in the squad is SODs first challenge then he can move onto a first 11 spot. its great to be talking about a killie player being in contention though
  9. Sign him for the first 6 months of the season. Never turns up after Christmas. The fact he’s not been picked up by anyone after many seasons of being Hamilton’s star man should be worrying. He’s also 26 now, not the young prospect he used to be. Rather focus on bringing through one of our own like kiltie, who has the potential to be better than Crawford would be a bit of a meh signing
  10. GrazyKillie

    Stream today’s game.

    Cheers for the stream lads. What a game that was.
  11. GrazyKillie

    Stream today’s game.

    Anyone got a link?
  12. GrazyKillie

    Where are all of the Killie fans based?

    Born and raised in North Ayrshire (Kilwinning to be exact) Moved to Edinburgh for uni Currently living in Melbourne and have been in Australia for a year now and just waiting on my 2nd year Visa being approved. Bumped into one other killie fan in Sydney since being here. Should maybe start up a Aussie killie supporters club since the publicity of the hi-jacking of an Aussie in Edinburgh. The Danny Invincible fan club PS anyone know what Danny is upto nowadays?
  13. GrazyKillie

    Aaron Simpson

    Doesn't seem to be getting too much praise from conference fans on twitter. Saw a Telford fan say he wasn't good enough for them and unsure why we've signed him. Mentioned he was poor defensively, something I'm sure SSC can teach him Hope he proves them wrong and is a big hit up here.
  14. GrazyKillie

    New deal for Boydie?

    I totally agree with you, but you asked who can guarantee you goals. All of those strikers get you atleast double figures a season in Scotland. Moult would of been mentioned if he hadn't left. Id give boydy another deal aslong as he keeps up his work with the youngsters. Will make a huge difference to their development. Would be amazing feat if he gets to 20 goals this season
  15. GrazyKillie

    New deal for Boydie?

    Lafferty, Doolan, Stokes, Maclean, Rooney

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