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  1. Ycfc1922

    Stevie Clarke

    I bloody well hope not!
  2. Ycfc1922

    sellick away, Fred

    Top notch boys. Now get the jambos pumped at the weekend.
  3. Ycfc1922

    Celtic away

    The only thing Peterhead has going for it is it isn’t Fraserburgh. Both absolute toilets though. Barely human inhabitants. Truly awful places.
  4. Ycfc1922

    Rangers away, Fred

  5. Ycfc1922

    Rangers away, Fred

    It’s a great feeling checking the Dundee Hamilton score then realising it doesn’t matter a flying feck to us. I fancy at least a point today. Nothing to fear. Get into them from the start and fook stevie g.
  6. Ycfc1922


    Fair questions but personally i couldn’t care less about that mob or who the next manager is.
  7. The ref had to send him upstairs because he kept looking over at the bench thinking ‘feck me, that’s Steve Clarke’ and couldn’t concentrate as a result.
  8. Ycfc1922

    Leo fasan

    No thanks.
  9. Ycfc1922

    Next Seasons Strip Speculation Megathread

    Let’s be honest, any shirt with that fecking club crest on it is by definition, honkin’. Cmon the raith:-))
  10. Ycfc1922

    George Green

    I wouldn’t wipe my arse with it.
  11. Ycfc1922

    Sheep home, Fred

    How many Aberdeen?
  12. Ycfc1922

    Hibs away

    Didn’t make it to flicks but Brechin had a Mexican themed pub. Bizarre place.
  13. Ycfc1922

    New contracts

    Anyone who’s old enough to have Tommy McLean (the Killie footballer, not when he played for anyone else or was a greeting faced wee pr!ck manager) as a hero gets cut more slack by me.
  14. Ycfc1922

    Hibs away

    Really loving these away supports these days. Long may they continue. Certainly beats 48 at Brechin on a Tuesday night. :-))

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