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  1. By far the better side. Could be up at least 3
  2. That's shocking from Kabamba. A premier league striker needs to get that hit once hes in behind
  3. I thought it would have been very soft.
  4. Be disappointed if I was Haunstrup. Other than that can see why its been kept the same. Not that I agree with it at home. But can understand it
  5. C'mon Craig. Even for you that's mental. Peterborough have turned down a 6 million pound bid for Toney
  6. I posted elsewhere about this. You could make this work by not having a left mid. When we had Mulumbu first time. We didnt have a right mid some games. It was Dicker Mulumbu Power and Jones in the midfield with Brophy upfront with Boyd. It could work but he'll need to have the tactics on the nose
  7. Ngonge88


    And to think he was tipped as the upcoming best in the world at 1 point
  8. If St Johnstone run through the 2 of them. Neither Power not Tish are as good as killie fans think. Because there is no way we should be run right through.
  9. Yeah I kind of noticed that. It's almost a kind of adapting his game to suit his age. I was gobsmacked and gutted last night when we had a late corner that he hit the first man with then the 2nd attempt he floated into the keepers arms. Not like him at all
  10. I want to be wrong and I hope come October you can find this conversation and pull me up on it. But once weve played everybody once this season Dyers results NEED to be half decent. Otherwise we are going to be in serious danger
  11. The worrying fact as I keep repeating. The performances were pretty much acceptable from january last season. However our form was heading us straight for a relegation battle.
  12. He'll not like them I wouldn't have thought
  13. We're generally a better side with Dicker playing. But he is also costing us goals with his sloppiness.
  14. Dicker is a good player with a good footballing brain who breaks up play well... however. Dicker has also been a huge part of costing us 2 goals in 2 games. Sundays we can argue because he may or may not have had to make that tackle. But tonight's is awful. Getting outjumped or out muscled is acceptable. Being 3 yards off your man when he heads into a net from 6 yards out is amateur football defending. When we are trying in the last 5 minutes to go and win a game and we cant take our defensive mid off because "he protects the defense... the defense then need questioned I'm afraid.

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