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  1. I can remember plenty people saying how we were playing some nice stuff under dyer and unlucky not to get some results. Surely playing s**te and picking up results is better
  2. The massive difference of a real leader and real goalkeeper at the back got us a point on Friday night. Absolutely no need to panic yet. My only minor worry is Inverness have experience that have been there and done it. Gardyne being the best example
  3. Tonight was poor. We've walked away with a point at a very hard place to come to. As per elsewhere. Hearts came here a drew, as did Dundee. We move on. We are top of the league.
  4. I'd take Fraser Murray off. Move Robbo left and bring on Polworth or mcginn. Bit of strength in the middle
  5. Better sides than us would come here and struggle.
  6. I'm not sure he thinks McGinn can play in a midfield 2. I'm happy with that though
  7. This will be a graft tonight. We cannot start slow.
  8. We must be on at least plan L by now
  9. Okay, so I'll level with you slightly. We've not seen a huge amount of Stokes on the park. I like what I've seen and my personal opinion is he's better than Broadfoot, yours isn't so that's fine, we all have different opinions on players. You can see what Stokes is doing off the park, picking up tickets for fans, getting involved with charity stuff at mccallums. He is inspiring fans, what's he doing to teammates on and off the pitch? As I pointed out, did you watch McGowans interview about the dressing room being shocking last year. There is a reason Broadfoot was offered a very very small deal.
  10. I don't see a place in that middle for Power. Kiltie isn't any better than Polworth or Robinson. Hard to tell between Brophy and Shaw, but Brophy was never prolific for us. This league is too physical for Pinnock, Findlay of course would play, he was a smashing player. And Broadfoot? I assume you're only kidding. I fully believe Broadfoot was part of the dressing room problems. See Aaron McGowans interview before the Hamilton game if need be
  11. Here lies the perfect scenario. Who from last seasons squad hand on heart honestly gave their all for the shirt every single game? Burke, maybe Power. Other than that I'm struggling. I can tell you for a fact Rory was offered the chance to stay in the premiership. Chose to fight for his place in the club he loves and win promotion.
  12. Fully agree. I think E Murray makes a huge difference for Haunstrup. Rory is similar to last year imo. Still working hard, not a stand out and Burke will be first choice
  13. You know what I mean. The ones that are no longer here.
  14. Nonsense. Lafferty only player that would get into our current side imo
  15. Only highlighting the huge difference in squad/fans harmony compared to last season