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  1. Feel I'm right to mate. Good finish against Dundee United, other than that made a lot of wrong decisions. Walked about at Aberdeen. Our worst performer, at least effort wise. And that today, is almost laziness. Poor poor attempt to win the ball.
  2. Credit to Dyer 2nd half. Set us up very well and looked good on the counter attack. We actually looked like scoring and created chances. Well done to 13 of the 14 players involved today. Brophy should be in the changing room thanking every single teammate of his in there
  3. Eamonn Brophy is all about Eamonn Brophy. That photo that someone has put up is spot on. Stupid c**t! Its similar to what millen done, who took pelters on this forum. But some of our support cant say a bad word about brophy
  4. Jesus Christ. So far, we STILL havent learnt how to defend a corner and a professional footballer thinks it's a good idea to go in with his studs showing. It's not a red, but he gives the ref a decision to make.
  5. Would have liked a bit of change but here's hoping that team have enough! Mon the killie!
  6. I think we will win 2-0. Kiltie and Pinnock with the goals
  7. Come on. Even under Clarke the amount of times he went clean through and quite often knocked it past the post?
  8. Me n one of my mates were at Stoke the day Rodallega scored a header to keep Wigan up. Sammon started that day as well.
  9. I really really hope we pump accies on saturday. However if we get beat, I do think Dyer should be called into the office on Monday morning and asked to consider where he is taking the club.
  10. Got his own football academy down here. Seems to be really popular
  11. I see where you're coming from, but disagree to an extent. What I see on social media with his international teammates in particular is exactly what I dont see in the Scotland set up. Those players play for each other, enjoy going on international duty. Scotland seems to be a chore to most
  12. The one that always sticks in my head that wasnt a direct assist, was Tope's goal against Dundee United I think it was. Josh won a flick on he had no right to win which went to Eremenko who set up Tope. We all have our own opinions, I'd rather have Magennis
  13. Would love a statto to actually work out open play goals between the 2 players. Josh won headers, bullied defenders and generally done more for his team mates. Oh, and one plays almost every international game for a better footballing side than Scotland
  14. Take our 4th goal against Falkirk in the play offs as one example. And zero penalties as another. Pretty sure open play numbers will be pretty similar. Josh brought more to the team than Brophy
  15. Correct, a poor goalscoring record, particularly when he shoots every time he has the ball. I've said before on here, Big Magennis took pelters on this forum. I'd have Josh as my striker before Brophy
  16. I totally agree that these cameos might suit him. But spin it on its head and imagine it was kiltie performing like that in cameos. This forum would be in meltdown demanding he started the next game, and rightly so based on recent performance. For me Burke looks out of sorts at the moment. A game out might not do him any harm.
  17. I would drop Burke. McKenzie can play right mid. Rory's last 2 sub appearances have been excellent. Much more than Burke offered in those 2 games. I'm not saying McKenzie is a better player than Burke, absolutely not. But at the moment he is offering more on the park. We cant just play someone because they were brilliant 3 weeks ago. Kris Boyd is a perfect example of that. Was the countries top scorer 1 year and barely kicked a ball the following year.
  18. Totally get that mate. Today is just another example of it though. If it was a 1 off we could just about deal with it.
  19. Goals vs Dundee United. 1. A cross thrown into the box that Kabamba does well. Defenders should never be giving him that space. 2. A game of pinball really, Good flick by kiltie and again defense shouldn't be allowing Brophy to run off them as easy as that. 3. A blatant defensive error. 4. Great team goal. Take nothing away from it. However not a real goalscoring chance. My point of this post. Even though we won a game 4 nil, we're not in anyway creating chances week in week out. Something needs to be done before we start getting pulled into a serious relegation
  20. Yep. We cant keep saying that. He has had January and an extra long summer window and we still cant create enough chances
  21. Doesnt matter what it costs. If we dont sign Greg Stewart or someone with similar ability it's going to cost us a lot more than a wage.
  22. At the end of the day their performance won their team 3 points. Priorities are points
  23. Whether we like it or not, it's another defeat under Dyer, 1 shot on target. Similar to what weve said since January really. Nice performances dont always make wins.
  24. Doesnt save it but Roger's is brilliant for that there.
  25. Is he, or is it attitude? He doesnt look interested for me.