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  1. You obviously never heard him today. Humble he was certainly not. Fwiw, I always thought he was quite good in his stuff with Gavin Wallace with the club.
  2. Came across as a total w****r. When killie players leave I usually wish them the best. Not him.
  3. Hear on BBC Scotland that SOD is training with Hamilton Accies. (Not with a view to sign apparently) Hahahahaha!! Seems his billy big boots offers aren't exactly flying in
  4. Good stuff. Anything to end talbots reign off the big junior (now becoming senior) sides.
  5. Bas Savage. Did we not have him for ages then not sign him
  6. If we're not going to play him I'd imagine freeing up the wage would suit us well enough. I'd love 50k for him. Just can't see it
  7. Good luck to him. Always gave his all in fairness. Just never had enough quality to quite cut it
  8. Looks like they're sticking to the Scottish based. Albeit Nesbit hasnt playing top level. All know the scottish game and physicality etc. I sometimes slightly worry about the English ones coming in and how long it takes them to get into the swing of the scottish game
  9. I almost think today's signing could be instead of.
  10. Ngonge88


    Think that is where his "needing 1 or 2 goalkeepers" comment comes from. Bachmann comes, we need one. If not we need 2. Bachmann we know what we are getting. Would be great to have him
  11. Score more than the other team. If either of these 2 become available we would be silly not to. Dont believe Mulumbu will be back but we could get Stewart I reckon
  12. I disagree on the panic stuff. 3 weeks on saturday is our first league game. I'm not panicking yet but it's not as you say a long way off.
  13. Totally agree. SOD under Clarke was fantastic until he became a Scotland player. But McGowan will certainly be as good as last season's SOD. IMO obviously
  14. And drive him to the airport to go down south. McGowan will be as good
  15. I like the idea of getting away from loans, last seasons loans the best example mostly. But as mentioned before, loan players are the best I've seen for killie. Eremenko, Stewart, Mulumbu (I know we had him before a loan deal) Personally I'm quite happy to see that
  16. Dont want to sound pessimistic or repetitive, but I'd imagine the surface would be part of that. Would expect us to be a better option that most clubs interested
  17. I guess we can agree to disagree. The only successful signing weve made in the last 2 windows that we never heard in the papers was Kabamba. Hope you're right and we are all very happy by the time the season starts
  18. Like the look of that video. Looks just the steamroller kind of midfielder we need.
  19. I get your point yes, but you've not exactly picked the best morning to post it after Daily record comes out with a post with 3 names on it. My argument was weve been let down twice already with the line of itll be done behind closed doors etc
  20. Reckon he'll be going higher than Hull. Heard West Ham mentioned
  21. Pretty sure he started for Cardiff last night
  22. Be daft not to offer Scott Fraser something
  23. Yep. And I'm not having the "our business will be done behind closed doors" or "we're just not letting papers hear about our deals". We heard that the previous 2 windows and got landed with deadline day Osman Sow and Kirk Broadfoot, when we were absolutely crying out for decent attacking options.
  24. Would of had him before Millen as number 2
  25. I'm afraid to say the bottom bit is important to me for buying mine. Cant really afford it, nor even the finance payments at the moment. Also stay in Dumfries so it's a matter of travel and also when I get finished work on a Saturday. But if there is a real excitement of players it could hopefully tip me to find a way for a ticket.

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