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  1. I praised Fowler et al for McGowan signing. I must admit I'm disappointed we havent followed it up with more. It's only 4 and a half weeks until the season starts
  2. Lad comes across very well. Very pleased to be at the club by the sounds of it
  3. I'm kind of like that. I reckon if they go down Bachmann would become 2nd choice with cost cutting etc
  4. Yeah even down south. Havent seen the yearly Cavani to man utd or Arsenal. Hes welcome at killie if he fancies it. Anyway, back on track. I hope its us that want Bachmann. Who have the sheep got in goals?
  5. Love it. My favourite for a while
  6. Ah, didnt realise that. Still good seeing it going to killie related charity
  7. Clever Killie. I like it. Put into the trust which eventually will make it's way back into the club. Good stuff.
  8. Absolute hero! Credit to our club!
  9. Great thought. 10/10 for effort.
  10. The term "maybe" is a giveaway that there is no basis and perhaps just a thought.
  11. Brophy might of gone for a million 18 months ago. Not now imo
  12. Cant imagine Shankland will be there come the end of the summer
  13. Oh dear. If we only need 3/4 and 2 of them are keepers we are in bother. We need 6 outfield players imo
  14. I wouldn't be playing Taylor unless injuries make us. Unless of course he is willing to commit his future to the club. At least for another year.
  15. Not the worst goalscoring record either!
  16. Imagine signing Mulumbu in the January and kept Stewart. We really could have won the league
  17. I still wonder how close we would have got to celtic if he stayed
  18. I'm sure it was mentioned at the time it was totally out of GS hands. All about Mick Innes and agents. Apparently his wife was fuming!
  19. I have to totally swallow any old firm bitterness and say Greg Stewart is along with Eremenko the best player I've ever seen in stripes. And Jones would also improve us massively. As I've said in other threads. This season is a total "get through the season" kind of season
  20. You're killing your argument here. Jones would instantly improve us, get more out Brophy and would fit in to the team. (Attacking left mid we are weak). Hes a w****r but would improve us. People just wouldn't warm to him the same as Stewart.
  21. I get that astro is the future of this country. Luckily I'm not. I would even have a heavy grass park before it. Some Astros were great to begin with, but when they start to wear they are nothing short of dreadful
  22. I'm 29 and play football still. Takes me 3 days to recover if I play 90 minutes on Astro. Scientists may say this and that. But grass is so much easier on the legs
  23. Would totally burst the bank to get him back. Would find cash for a season ticket based purely on watching him and Brophy work together again.
  24. The bottom part is one of the best bits. Hats off to Fowler. 5 weeks ago we were slap bang in the middle of this pandemic and Fow has worked hard to get a deal done.

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