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  1. I see Brophy as almost quite similar to Josh. I really liked Magennis when he was here but similarly his finishing wasn't quite up to it. I hope if we get the support for Brophy he will excel next year! Also why I think it would help keeping boydy longer
  2. This!! Imo this man has been fantastic the past few games for someone who has barely kicked a ball all year! Deserves another year 100% for me
  3. Thought Brophy played really well today with hold up play and running, but as I said last week we can't afford to miss easy chances if we want to go any further. Fantastic win and fantastic crowd. This is seriously coming together!!
  4. See Derby have offered Bryson another year. Would love to have him back but wouldn't grudge him staying there
  5. I'd keep him no matter what. I went to school with one of the players and still speak to him from time to time and always says how much Boydy does for the players and the club. Teaches younger players an awful lot and brings a lot to the whole set up
  6. Shankand a bit like GS, season ended in January
  7. Feel like Craigieboy but anyone think Gary Hooper would be a good signing after being released from Sheffield Wednesday?
  8. It would be amazing getting to Europe. But no matter what this has been an unbelievable season especially with how disrupted we were in January with the Jones and Greg Stewart scenario.
  9. Yeah that's what I mean by one since December and none since January. i think the lad has talent and I'd be delighted to have him as our main striker too, but only if we have a Greg Stewart type roundabout him.
  10. Not all of us have jobs that suit roundabout the football. Didn't mean I didn't see the full 90 minutes but thanks for your excellent response. Which part do you disagree with then? Okay Brophy has had injuries but one goal since December and none since January? The fact the Millar was excellent last week against Celtic but was poor this week? I'm not saying either are bad players and this is the best season I've ever known, but if we really want to go one further a lone striker has to be scoring more goals
  11. Best centre half since Freddie! And I loved uncle Dave but Findlay is a machine
  12. Not the greatest performance but a fantastic win! Thought young Millar was very poor. Plus we really need a striker in the summer. Brophy has been very very average since Stewart left. That goal against rangers but apart from that I don't remember much apart from works very hard. Which I appreciate is more than we get from Boyd but it's not enough if we seriously want to challenge the old firm like we did until Xmas
  13. Probably your best post for a while
  14. Surprised Craigieboy hasn't acted on Ex Man Utd player Anderson being a free agent
  15. Totally agree, but find it most likely dicker power and Mulumbu will play with Burke n McKenzie out wide
  16. The problem I see with playing Millar up top in his own, well after I say I think the lad is a real talent and much better than Ndjoli. Millar has only played up front on his own in the same league that Ndjoli had been absolutely tearing up before he came here. McKenna and Considine are 2 decent defenders. I would consider playing him and Boyd together though.
  17. I used to be a shelf packer in Tesco, used to be s**t hot at my job. I then became s**t at my job and the Tesco manager sacked me. A wee while later a job came up online for Tesco, I applied for it. I was surprised and gutted when I didn't get an interview.... ok that's a total lie but it's the same thing really is it not?
  18. Sorry but totally disagree. Not sure on what grounds he deserves an interview. Whether he likes it or not, he done great winning us the cup... then failed to an extent. Took us longer than we hoped to find a decent manager but Kenny had the 2 sides bottom the league needing one win to cement top 6 and didn't do it
  19. £55 would still make them money but give us discount
  20. Can't imagine he will be anywhere near it
  21. I'm on the fence here. But if our greatest manager in my time watching killie decides he's still good enough then good enough for me
  22. Boyd gives us a presence. Is a box striker. Game is set up for him imo. Tish looked decent again tonight.
  23. This is like the Mulumbu of old. Also SOD been much better. I've liked this to be honest. Even boyd has been good with link up stuff
  24. Similar to Naismith. If Bryson comes back to Scotland to anyone other than Kilmarnock his bridges would be burnt. A class act but the way Bryson plays, waiting another 2/3 years we wouldn't get the real Craig Bryson

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