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  1. Think that page flicks through YouTube and decided they want that player to sign. It then becomes a rumour
  2. I truly hope when Burke hangs up his boots he is still involved with the club! Total Role model in every sense for kids coming through the system
  3. If we make the decision to wait until the middle/end of July and then even later for some until we sign players. We better have a good case for league reconstruction come May next year.
  4. He done that years ago. Was a daft kid and made a horrible mistake, and has apologised. No need for him to comment on it again
  5. Yeah I'm agreeing with you. Harry Bunn was another one. Why if there is no budget do we spend money on a player that hasnt been fully fit in 18 months
  6. From what I'm lead to believe, we didnt even try. Bowie told us he couldn't believe the calibre of managers applying for the job last year.
  7. So if Alessio wasted all the budget. Why was Kirk Broadfoot who we decided to spend a 2.5 year deal on? When we were screaming out for creativity. We got rid of Sow and Jackson. I was told for a fact by someone on these forums who knows what they're talking about, that there was money to spend. Just fowler and Dyer couldn't get deals over the line.
  8. I cant help but feel we will be very lucky to get 3000 ticket sales. After our best ever points tally, we as fans were let down hugely by the club in all areas. Alessio let us down, but the board let him down during the window. We gave Dyer the job after a horrible run and our worst performance in 3 years. Between the board, Dyer and Fowler January window was a shambles. It seems we're allowing Dyer to keep the job without doing interviews. And last but certainly not least, a world pandemic has cost a lot of people spare money. Me included. As a fan I have got no reason to be optimistic about the transfer window or anything likely to happen on the park at the moment. Feel bad posting this but compared to this time last year it isnt anywhere near the top of my list of priorities
  9. Well done the club!
  10. At the moment this season is a "successfully get through the season" kind of season. A lot has gone on and its important for us to have a solid 16 players.
  11. 100% take Tait. Can play either full back. Good Player, surprised hes not still at Well
  12. Get what you mean. But had he been on a 2/3 year deal I'd have liked him to push the middle 3 we have at the moment for a start and be a total star. Not overly fussed if he breaks into the team or not. I dont know much about the kid. But he hasn't come out looking good in this, whatever has happened
  13. Too many kids going into the scrap heap at the moment. Probably a good decision. Like others above though. I wouldn't have allowed a 1 year deal
  14. Ngonge88

    Pat Nevin

    What was the fall out he left the club with? Remember listening to off the ball one night and for some reason I missed the reason for leaving but his words were it was a shame in the way he and the club parted.
  15. Mods should open the craigieboy subforum again
  16. Fantastic news! We need to make sure we dont fall behind. It was the clubs choice not to release season tickets. We can't not sign players because of it.
  17. This for me is loan deals worth looking at. I agree that I wouldn't be loaning the likes of Harvey St Clair etc again. But someone of that caliber would be a great loan
  18. Always remember him being fantastic from dead balls
  19. I seem to remember a pre season goal that he bent one into the top corner. Sure it was his very first game for the club
  20. Sure it was Rory Boulding that scored for Dundee Utd. Also iirc our captain was involved with that. Mr Pascali.
  21. Similarly to Racchi. Gary Harkins has retired from football! What a true talent he was, shame his head wasnt more in it. The talent with the ball at his feet was fantastic!
  22. That was Brophy not all that long ago! Done fantastically well since.
  23. Quite liked Racchi. Fell out with Shiels along with Harkins iirc
  24. I said this somewhere not long ago. I was more optimistic going into the season with Jig in charge. Okay it turned out he was dreadful and we need Clarke to save us. But at least McCulloch identified and signed quite a few decent players
  25. Absolutely, take him back in a heartbeat. I would however expect a tail between the legs comment from him.

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