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  1. Would imagine Jamie Mac was our preferred number 2. But he wanted to play every week. This is possibly a relatively cheap option to have as a number 2
  2. Wouldn't have worded it quite like that, but yes, it's nice to see us back in stripes.
  3. Thanks for some good memories Jamie. Ibrox will always be my favourite one. Sure he will get a championship club no problem. Cant imagine he will stay in premier. Good luck Jamie!
  4. Maybe I'm harsh. But I dont think gordon is actually that good. Would much rather have Gillespie
  5. Happy days. Decent full back
  6. Hladky or Gillespie. Both an improvement on MacDonald and Branescu
  7. Havent seen him for years so cant comment
  8. Lyle from what I've seen is nowhere near ready to play first team football. Need 2 keepers asap
  9. Higgy with a decent manager would of done okay imo
  10. Disappointed with Taylor. Thought his brother might have advised that Kilmarnock were great for him coming through and getting a big move. Cant say I'm disappointed about Jamie Mac. Good servant who done well for the club. Unfortunately past his best.
  11. Snatch the hand off you for Naisy. Would help Brophy mature massively and future management material
  12. A total no brainer taking him. Fantastic winger that would help waters if that's who becomes 1st choice left back. Then if waters doesnt work out Hayes can play left back too
  13. Jonny Hayes freed by Celtic. Probably out of our league but smashing player
  14. Always remember Ashcroft being very very slow
  15. McKenzie has only very recently been offered a deal by the club. Expects to sign
  16. It's not guessing. And if it's not true about Bruce. Then I can only apologise but I got that info from inside the dressing room. Make of that what you wish
  17. "Troublesome Gary Dicker" wasnt a myth. It was facts. Undermining Alessio along with other. Alex Bruce being a huge culprit. So you say signed on for another year etc. If we get the Dicker under Clarke then great, fantastic. But otherwise Gary Dicker could well have signed on for another year knowing he could swan about doing as he pleases with Dyer at the helm.
  18. Very much so. Fantastic goal
  19. I'm still disappointed Devlin Mackay hasn't made it with the club. To do with injuries I think. Looked a good big goalkeeper whenever I seen him
  20. I'm afraid realistically Wilson wasnt all that good. He was decent enough back up. I think hes maybe been told hes not going to be first choice, but offered a contract as back up. At his age he now needs to go and play
  21. Ngonge88

    Osman Sow

    I genuinely wanted Sow to succeed and think he had the ability to succeed. Whether it was injuries or something else. It didnt work
  22. Ngonge88


    I do agree generally what you mean. We cant generalise last minute dross though. Greg Stewart and Mulumbu were both last minute and both fantastic
  23. Not to have a total continuous dig about SOD. But his comment in the paper (which could be twisted) hasnt cover him in glory. "My mind was made up early on about wanting to run down my contract" Doesnt look good towards killie fans who most of thought his efforts weren't his usual
  24. Ngonge88


    Bachmann has never really been in the shop window properly for an english championship move imo. Be better coming here for a year or 2 and get himself a big move again.

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