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  1. Maybe what we need. Main reason Alessio is gone. "Players didnt like him". Clough wouldn't stand for it the way Alessio did though. I wouldn't have thought anyway
  2. Some of the problem we have with management at the moment is the hard work which is undone. Clarke had Rugby park FULL of killie fans for an old firm game. It doesnt matter how important the game was, it was still full. Unfortunately between the board, alessio, Dyer and Fowler. This season has been a total shambles and a lot of returned fans have gone again. To be honest I'm quite happy its over for the moment. (Just not in the circumstances it happened(covid19)) We need a manager that can reunite us, again. Clough is an unbelievable shout if he fancies a challenge on the cheap compared to what he will of had previously
  3. Ngonge88


    Cant speak for all fans but I'm quite happy for us to go into the loan market again as long as the quality is good
  4. Ngonge88


    I meant a bit of coaching from Naismith
  5. Then I apologise and change my opinion
  6. Ngonge88


    I think we missed a MacAleny type player last year. Total selfless player who imo was willing to do a lot of off the ball running etc. Tidy on the ball as well. Bit of decent coaching from an attacker and he would be great. Say from Naismith for example lol
  7. I have just turned down a 25% increase in my wage to move to a similar company. But I'm happy where I am and I know I can work the way my manager wants me to. Unfortunately it would have been a risk moving, even though it was a decent increase in wage. Maybe I'm relating my situation to this a bit much but hey, I suppose im a weirdo.
  8. Aye that makes sense. Hes got a solid offer on the table of probably about 2k a week. Hes rejected that to be a free agent in the HOPE that he is going to get better elsewhere?
  9. Dont argue that. But as per elsewhere, hes not leaving to take his career to new levels. Hes probably not even leaving for a huge payday. He might get an extra 500 or a grand if he goes to Aberdeen. Most other teams will be a similar wage. How will you feel if he ends up at Motherwell or something like that?
  10. We didnt keep Stephen Hendrie and he is the only senior left back that wasnt a loan deal. I get your point, honestly I do. But he has proven hes simply not good enough if we want to be higher end.
  11. Right let's get admissions from the down voters here. Who believes Jamie MacDonald is a good enough goalkeeper to have us fighting for top 6?
  12. I've just noticed we are in discussions with Jamie MacDonald. I sincerely hope those discussions will confirm that he will be no more than a decent back up
  13. I'm not arguing that he will be hard to replace. At least some of them tried under AA. There was games that he totally wasnt interested.
  14. You could beat my down votes on this topic with that comment
  15. FWIW I'm disappointed to see him go as he done well for a fair part of being here. But now hes gone, I wish him as much success as I wished Jones when he went
  16. Absolutely my friend. Instantly
  17. I assume you were fair chuffed when he downed tools under AA?
  18. Aye that's right. Folk like me. Thank you for your input. I dont have a clue.
  19. All this SOD owes us nothing. If it hadn't been for Kilmarnock SOD would be in the scrap heap! This is worse than Jones etc. Jones went to rangers to attempt to further his career. SOD will be moving sideways for more money.
  20. f**k SOD. Hope you fail miserably wherever he ends up
  21. Good read. Big man when gets away from comments about you know who has actually grown to speak very well and be well respected at that
  22. Understandably AA didnt rate him. He was shocking for a high percentage of AA's games. But for me it wasn't really the performances that bothered me, everyone goes through those spells. It was the lack of effort he seemed to be showing
  23. Ngonge88

    Osman Sow

    The ross county game he played very well other than a shocking penalty. I generally agree he was poor but I dont think he was given anywhere near enough of a chance
  24. Ngonge88

    Osman Sow

    The same way alan power had his chance and should of been punted?
  25. Ngonge88

    Osman Sow

    Was never given a proper chance here in reality.

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