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  1. Rangers are in for him. Not sure they are a big club category anymore, but they are interested in him
  2. Brilliant. Let’s hopefully see a surge in membership now
  3. People have a great chance to ensure the club is financially secure through this tough spell for us. Get aboard for however much You can afford
  4. Another great night that wouldn’t of been available to fans without the trust. Great work already been done by the trust, more on going and so much more in the future. The numbers are beginning to grow people are taking notice of what the trust and tik are doing and becoming members. Everyone who can become a member should become a member. Hugely beneficial to the club, as was pointed out by James Fowler last night
  5. go get it done, absolute no brainer
  6. A complete and utter fraud. good coach by all accounts abysmal manager, if he gets the job bowie is more a fool than I thought. Dyer is so far out his depth it’s unbelievable. fingers crossed we do enough to stay up this season. Then can punt him along with 80% of the playing squad in the summer. Get Gary Holt in and rebuild
  7. Good idea if everyone keeps stubs from the game. I know I haven’t got mine
  8. Thought we were good today. Played on the front food pretty much all game. Hibs defended well tbf, one of they days some good for you some don’t. Bench showed today how small a squad we have. Fight for top6 mot over. wednesday night absolutely massive now, hopefully that result doesn’t put people of going
  9. ki11ie


    So we moan at old firm fans getting into home end. Club bring in a way of stopping that. And we still moan. Follow the information the club have gave out and I’m sure we’ll all get tickets no problem
  10. Great draw if we can get past aberdeen. Motherwell we’d take a huge support to in that away stand. Stmirren we’d sell out easily as normal.
  11. ki11ie


    Never had correct personnel to change formation till we got big kabamba
  12. Or tish has went to a club who has offered more money in Portugal. Fowler has said we agreed the finances of the deal
  13. Been very critical of him and the board recently. But that’s a great interview which should appease us. And Cathy also answering fans on fb is exactly what is needed. Well done the board. Let’s hope we have a better summer window
  14. Think it’ll be back to 1 up top for this. Kabamba on his own
  15. Mulumbu first time at us?? His CV was outstanding

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