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  1. We will be absolutely fine this season. 3 games 3 good performances. Unlucky not to win tonight so poor refereeing maybe to blames. Haunstrup looks a player. First half kabamba far to isolated Pinnock got closer to him 2nd half and midfield played 10yards further up the pitch
  2. Keeper signing in the next day or 2 according to dyer
  3. Wouldn’t be surprised to see 2/3 changes for fresh legs. Brophy, Haunstrap, Pinnock possibly. If anyone is dropped for this game it’s sure not for bad form
  4. Your right mate. But there were far more than just John gall very vocal of the whole thing regarding mj
  5. Anyone who complains about bowie is ridiculous. yes he has his flaws, he will admit that himself you’d imagine. but he has kept the club afloat and is continually backing the club what more can we ask for. He’s firing in his own money when no one else is stepping up. what about they chancers who said “we will invest when Mj is gone” none of them anywhere to be scene words are easy. Bowie has stepped up and ploughed hundreds of thousands into our club.
  6. So he ploughs money in for what return? If he puts money in and wants to advertise his buisness that’s absolutely fine. He has to benefit somewhere
  7. Have absolutely no issue with this. 6figure sum and debt written off fantastic. Still be known to everyone as “Rugby Park” so who cares what sponsor name is infront of it. Plenty of teams down south with much bigger income that us do it. So why can’t we
  8. Talk of Eastwood out for 4months. Anyone know if this is true?
  9. I think if we reach 3000 that’s a good total all things considered
  10. This is the worst post I think I’ve read on this forum. Utter drivel hahahaha
  11. Hopefully McGowan and haustrap Come in for this. And brophy being fully fit will be a boost
  12. Rush of blood for the first goal. Trying to hard to make an impression likely. Hopefully he shows his worth next week. Cause he’ll be busy for sure
  13. Bad mistake, no real excuse. Don’t right him off yet, sure Bachmann had a poor debut against rangers in the cup

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