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  1. Shaw and Gullan both signed 2 years. 1 more possibly
  2. Yipp, few hours ago. Along with Daniel McKay of Hibs
  3. Gavin Reilly signed with morton
  4. If it is Oli Shaw, neither up or down about that tbh. Upgrade on what we have, far far better technically than Innes and will score more goals. that said was hoping for someone better, but suppose we may find it hard to attract a better standard of striker in the championship
  5. Callum Hendry starting for St Johnstone today, maybe he won’t be one of the strikers we are looking to sign
  6. Apparently Morton for him, also the way TW is talking about other teams needing someone in before letting someone go would suggest it might not be Reilly given how vocal Martindale has been about wanting Reilly to go out on loan
  7. 2 signings before Tuesday according to TW. Suspect two strikers, this would then free Robinson to play no.10, supporting striker if you like, then gives us more options to move Polworth for alston maybe. Gives us far more options to rotate TW also mentioned loan market is open for another 4weeks so maybe see more than just the 2coming in.
  8. Apart from playing well last 3 games? How u can pick one player out that performance, 14 players played and everyone of them were horrendous. Wake up call hopefully we will bounce back, it’s not going to be plain sailing this league
  9. Announcement this afternoon on striker
  10. No need to worry, Robinson looked more than capable, we will get someone in too challenge him
  11. Was wondering this, if it was 98% on Friday last 2% seems to be slow and no real rumours of who it may be
  12. Everyone that wants a ticket can get a ticket chill out man
  13. Think polworth has been excellent in that role. Great problem to have though
  14. After Saturday whoever comes in has to move Robinson from starting position. He was outstanding on Saturday and it wasn’t just his 2 goals, all round performance was class