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  1. ki11ie

    Innes Cameron & Daniel Higgins

    Sure i read a while back Aberdeen were lookkng at him
  2. ki11ie

    Hibs & Celtic

    Surely first game after the international break, and after the result today we are looking at taking a big traveling support to hibs
  3. Cannot make the game tomorrow due to work, gutted. However does anyone know of any streams or pubs showing rhe game, remember the cup game up the tartan sheep showed the game
  4. Still think we may still see 1 more signing, no rumour just hopefully
  5. Some talk on twitter about a “big name” signing but again could just be rumours.
  6. And folk doubted Clarke when he said signings would come at the end of the season, he’s a man of his word, fantastic signing, now hopefully get 1 maybe 2 more.
  7. What is happening with Diego Poyet, I know he went back to England through injury but is there any talk of him coming back up?
  8. Heard Robbie Muirhead was up training but don’t think its true, maybe who you are talking about?
  9. Rumours of Twitter, Stewart to be signed tomorrow and that Mulumbu is 100% training, don’t know how true the mulumbu is, but was a friend of Curtis Lyle who tweeted it.
  10. If true this could be a incredible signing, regardless of how he played last year, not to long ago Villa paid 5m for him, that clearly prove he has undoubtable talent. He is a unit and would be the perfect link from defence to forward that we are missing. His game again Dundee with 10men will be one of the best individual performances for a long time. lets hope this happens
  11. ki11ie

    Gers Fred

    Steve Clarke post match interview, he was happy with the performance and felt we ran the game start to finish (maybe abit over the top). He admitted areas to improve upon so hopefully has a couple players lined up.
  12. ki11ie

    Standing Still.

    You mad, Findlay is our best centre back.
  13. ki11ie

    Gers Fred

    Folk are to stubborn to admit that Rangers have massively improved, they were a much better side today, but albeit wasn’t difficult compared to recent years. We played well in spells of the game, disappointed to loose, but thought for long periods of the game we matched them, we are still without our best centre half, and we will sign another 1 possibly 2, 3 games in and folk are saying we are not the same team as last year, calm down f**k sake.

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