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  1. I share the view that we have played reasonably over the opening few games but apart from the Dundee Utd game, have had little run of the ball. Having said all that, we must see results over the next 4 games which pitch us against other teams who may consider themselves in the same boat. Burkey, Dicker, Brophy and surprisingly Findlay are all somewhat short of what's expected, so it may be time to introduce some fresh names to compete. Yesterday we were really pressurising Aberdeen in the second half and looking good for an equaliser but Stuart Findlay passed a horrible square ball just o
  2. Great to see historic player's names cropping up like this, particularly those that left a good impression. Brian was probably one of the fastest forwards ever to play for us and would have given Jordon Jones a run for his money. Is he still in Scotland these days?
  3. Yes you're right. I missed that .
  4. Does wee Jordon realise, although it's a Rangers wanting him, they are in London and have no connection to Orange in history or current religious bigotry.
  5. What has Connolly allegedly done?
  6. Don't agree with this solution as these teams are unfairly benefitting by gaining three points they would be unlikely to win under normal circumstances. Killie will have to fight for three points from Aberdeen and so should these teams. A better plan would be to DEDUCT nine points from Aberdeen but give them the chance to win them back if they beat these teams. If on the other hand they are beaten, their opponents will have earned the points legitimately.
  7. Did everyone notice how excited he was celebrating the goals. He's clearly enjoying himself up here and hopefully will prove to be a valuable flexible team player this season.
  8. Gav is a class act both on match days and in his role for Killie TV. We want a balanced commentary on games and if the team are not in control of the game, are we so sensitive and precious that we can't tolerate our commentator saying so. OK, his co-commentator may not be a natural, but overall I enjoyed the Ross County coverage and think the quality was perfectly good in all respects. What is the point of us looking for sycophantic input from a biased commentator other than just to make us feel better. The players on the park can't hear it, so what motivation to improved performanc
  9. Indoor locations like Bingo Halls, Cinemas, theatres, churches, swimming pools, restaurants and pubs are just so risky that everyone attending has to be vigilant in adhering to distancing and identification rules. Little evidence to show that is currently happening and the result will be what we are seeing, a revival of the virus. Close all these locations individually if they are cutting corners on adherence for 1 month during which time they will re-adjust to what is required. Football grounds are outside locations but with entrance and exit arrangements, unlike those at Rugby Park, mai
  10. Lennon would not have bothered risking their whole season by bringing Bolingoli onto the pitch at all if he had known what the clown had been up to. Individual responsibility comes into this and the right punishment would be termination of his contract. Disappointing to see two ex Killie players acting irresponsibly at Aberdeen in Bryson and Kennedy, but perhaps McInnes is not the manager pundits seem to think he is, in terms of his man management. Punishment for teams failing to control their staff in this pandemic should be swift and precise. The clinical impact of points deduct
  11. Hold on. He might play a bit better against Celtic.
  12. You have to be a long term committed Killie fan to have seen Andy King and Matt Watson as one of the strongest pair of full backs ever to play for the team. Played in the 1960s.
  13. There is no doubt there is a degree of unfairness in a team being relegated when they still had scope in remaining games to fight back, recover their form and climb to a position of safety by the end of the season. In Hearts case, I very much doubt that they would have done so. My main thought however is to visualise how Hearts would currently be behaving in the event it was St Mirren, Ross County, Motherwell or Killie that found themselves in the Hearts predicament. THEY WOULDN'T BE SHOUTING FOR RECONSTRUCTION OR ANY OTHER ACTION TO SAVE THESE TEAMS. I suspect the Kilmarnock board have