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  1. You have to be a long term committed Killie fan to have seen Andy King and Matt Watson as one of the strongest pair of full backs ever to play for the team. Played in the 1960s.
  2. There is no doubt there is a degree of unfairness in a team being relegated when they still had scope in remaining games to fight back, recover their form and climb to a position of safety by the end of the season. In Hearts case, I very much doubt that they would have done so. My main thought however is to visualise how Hearts would currently be behaving in the event it was St Mirren, Ross County, Motherwell or Killie that found themselves in the Hearts predicament. THEY WOULDN'T BE SHOUTING FOR RECONSTRUCTION OR ANY OTHER ACTION TO SAVE THESE TEAMS. I suspect the Kilmarnock board have voted against reconstruction along with the majority of the Premier teams and have done so out of self preservation. It's a harsh world and any other course of action by us would have been very philanthropic but probably stupid. Sad to see them going down because we usually beat them but through time they will be back, unless they bankrupt themselves incurring legal costs and reforming as Sevco 2 ( Edinburgh ) Ltd.
  3. When is Rory McKenzie going to get the recognition he deserves as a first team player. Quality utility players are going to be worth their weight in gold for many teams fighting against the financial consequences of the virus next season. He has committed his career to Killie and gives his all on the pitch, so let's not decry him as a "squad" only member of our team. Kiltie has been so unlucky with his two serious injuries but we all know how gifted he is and we all know he is capable of getting back to his best. He may have to be considered a "squad" player meantime until he produces the form we know he has within him. Millen is a "squad" player.
  4. Said it before but watch out for Mr Connell. Seeing him staying with us is a great boost as I think he is a future star for Killie.
  5. Wishing young Taylor all the best but wonder if this is another example of an agent going for the short term money for him and the player, only to see the player career fizzle out lost in the depths of a huge squad. Real shame.
  6. Did you hear that clown Miller having another wee dig at us in yesterday's Sportsound. In discussing the problems to be faced in gearing up for the start of the new season, he once again highlighted his belief that some teams would be in no condition to do so, particular examples being St Johnstone ( he doesn't seem to like them either ) and of course Kilmarnock. We do have few players under contract but the advantage of that in terms of ongoing finance exposure is clear. Equally clear is the availability of large numbers of out of contract players looking for a solid team to join. Killie have been in the top Scottish League for 25 years ( despite Miller's annual prophesy of our relegation doom ) and I think an attractive option at this very difficult time. Sportsound is becoming an Aberdeen PR exercise with Richard Gordon, Willie Miller ( failed "O" Level English student") ,Derek McInnes and Dave Cormack being full time employees by the sound of it. Time for the BBC to wake up and for Mr Miller to shut up.
  7. zinger


    Watch young Connell. Expect big things from him this year and hope he will be a "Naismith" like find for us.
  8. Too many to mention in Rangers shirts
  9. Surprised to find he played as many games and over a period of 4 seasons. Thought he was here short term and I just happened to see him on one of my first trips to RP. Interesting information.
  10. Thanks. really enjoyed my afternoon.
  11. Not sure exactly what era he played for us. My ancient brain tells me he was a left winger playing just pre 1960!!!!!!! For some strange reason, he is a name I always recall as one of the Killie team when I first went to games.
  12. Agree. Our support at away games is noisy, enthusiastic and adds greatly to the atmosphere. I suspect most home teams will see us as the best pay day outwith the OF, Aberdeen and on occasions Hearts and Hibs. Really great fun going to away fixtures.
  13. BB is an important factor in our structure, mainly due to his financial contribution but we need some football brains on the board to bring expertise that is clearly lacking at the moment. Lee McCulloch is a man who knows the Scottish game generally, Killie in particular and brought some talent to the team but he himself would not claim to be a team manager. He did a lot of local work with schools to bring Killie closer to the local community and would be able to pull these strengths into an effective boardroom role. We also need to secure a new manager and give him time to access available new recruits in conjunction with Jamie Fowler who himself has to show us he is the man for the job he holds. Alex Dyer is a decent guy but is not a number one and his results are increasingly alarming. We move the ball around but there is little end product too often and the defensive chaos continues to cost us dear. Another final minute crazy penalty gift yesterday just to continue the trend established in the Aberdeen cup game. We must take action on the managerial front now. Candidates looking for a Killie like job will not be in short supply but if Gary Holt shows interest, he could be the man to re-establish us post Clarke. Let's get St Mirren and Livingstone put to bed before the split and use the remaining games to give young Connell, Cameron and Taylor a run in the team and establish their value going forward. Yesterday was depressing but we shouldn't overlook the fact we could have been two down had Branescu not pulled off a couple of really good saves in the first half. Playing against 10 men for 15 minutes is not an automatic winning position, so we shouldn't dwell too much on that fact. We were in control of the game pretty well throughout but couldn't take advantage at the clinical end of the pitch. We've got enough to see us through the season but we are likely to finish 8th or 9th which is far from the expectations left by Clarke's era. Get the next manager appointment right and we're back in business.
  14. I've only seen Waters on TV matches but seems very prone to concentrate on going backwards rather than pressing forward. Looks decent defensively but the modern role in that position has to include aggressive forward play. Niko is far better going forward but defensively needs to develop.
  15. No disrespect to our captain, but his form has dipped and it's likely to be partly due to his playing so many games in a very stamina sapping role. Keep Rory and Kiltie alongside Power meantime.

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