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  1. I thought El Makrini played well tonight in a very unfamiliar role. Hamalainen is no Greg Taylor but did anyone think we'd get anyone of anything like that quality? We've had FAR worse full-backs in recent years. Branescu gets too much hate and wasn't at fault for any of the goals tonight and Del Fabro has been quality. Koprivec is s**te, and honestly I forgot we had St Clair so they are definitely poor signing. Hendrie, Sow and Jackson don't really strike me as Alessio signings, more as guys who are known to our scouts and the club and were available for free. So overall a mixed bag I'd say, and probably reflective of the fact we appointed a guy with no experience of the Scottish game or making signings (Italian clubs always have a sporting director). Live and learn.
  2. Hope he gets paid, unlike those owed money by the previous iteration: A SPORTS radio station has collapsed leaving footie pundits and staff without jobs and owed thousands in unpaid wages - as a very similar new firm launched this week. Rock Sport Radio Ltd, based in Glasgow, strung employees along for months that "money was coming" from new investors. But the company, which combined rock music with sports coverage, went into liquidation in December after two years on the digital airwaves. Ex-Ayr United striker Ally Graham was a pundit on the show since its kicked off. The 53-year-old, who also enjoyed spells at Hamilton and Motherwell, stopped getting paid last year but continued going into work in the desperate hope his wages would come. He told the Scottish Sun Online: "We kept being promised the same thing the next month and the next month, until before you knew it we had been there five months with no wage. "But I kept going in because I was due money. "I won't go into the figure but let's just say it's not just £50." In a fresh blow for out of pocket staff including Ally, a new company - Rock Sport Broadcasting Ltd - went live on Thursday. Former Rock Sport Radio Ltd director Bill Young joins the new firm as a presenter. And the two stations even share the same slogan - "Love Music, Live Sport." But Rock Sport Broadcasting chiefs insist it is a "new multimedia platform launched by a new company". They added: "The new company bought the assets of the former Rocksport Radio after its liquidation. "Whilst it has a similar name is not in any way related to the former Rocksport Radio. "The directors and shareholders of the new company have never had any involvement in Rocksport Radio Ltd and Rocksport Radio Ltd was in liquidation before the new company was incorporated." Speaking after the launch of the new company, Ally added: "If Bill Young had just said 'listen guys, I'm struggling to pay you' I would have been off. "But instead of nipping it in the bud so we could leave, he kept us on. All he was interested in was keeping his show going. "And that whole time we were phoning current managers and players to get them on the show. This went on for months. "It's just disgraceful." Jilted staff even hijacked the station's old Twitter account to tell social media users about their ordeal. In the clip - which has been viewed 31,000 times - the devastated workers said they were fed "lie after lie" and "broken promise after broken promise". Footie stars have since rallied around Ally and the former Rock Sport Radio team. Posting on Twitter, Dundee United star Nicky Clark said: "Know people who have been affected by this. "Disgusting way to treat people." Former Hibs ace and BBC Pundit Tam McManus added: "Has big Ally and the other ex pundits been paid what they are owed yet?" Ex-show producer Paul Reilly is owed more than £3,500 from the collapsed firm. The 25-year-old, from Glasgow, said he is "still financially damaged" and even had to borrow money from his brother to pay rent one month. After six months with the troubled company, he left in May last year for a new job in Leeds. He said: "I was glad to get out. "It's easier in hindsight to ask - why did I go along with it? But they made promise after promise - they weren’t being blunt and saying there was no money, because if they'd said that I’d have said fair enough. "They kept saying I’d get it, and you didn’t want to risk not working. You were kind of blackmailed, thinking you had to keep working to get your money. It was very frustrating. "Bill had some sort of dream that he was trying to follow through - his dream of a station with rock music and sport, and he was desperate to keep it alive. "He's shown no guilt or remorse. He added: "I'm definitely angry. When they employed me, they had three producers, which is a lot for a small station. I was the fourth. "They obviously knew they weren't making a lot of money but kept on employing people to keep their dream alive. "When I moved to Leeds I had no money to my name, it was a miserable couple of months. "Meanwhile, RockSport were still going. It wasn't a healthy situation to be in. It was the first thing you’d think of waking up. It was miserable.” A spokesman for Rocksport.tv said: "Rocksport.tv have hired presenters producers, DJs and new digital staff to deliver content - including Tom Russell, Dave Mac, Alex Horsburgh, and Bill Young, who had worked previously on the old Rock Sport Radio station. "But these staff are employees of the new company and have no shareholding or directorships in the new company. "It is always tragic when a business fails and is liquidated and we hope that everyone involved in the former Rocksport Radio Ltd goes on to a happier future. "But any claims against the Rocksport Radio Ltd should be made to the liquidators of that company." https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/5286354/rock-sport-radio-collapse-liquidation-staff-owed-wages/ RockSevco
  3. It's definitely 2022. It's on the website. Juventus have to announce all these things because they're listed on the Italian stock exchange so it's on their website from when they signed him, he cost €4.5m. So on a five-year contract that's amortisation of €900,000 per season. Two years on his contract in the summer so we'd have to find €1.8m, which won't happen. Best hope is another loan.
  4. Don't think his passing is actually bad when he keeps it simple. Think the problem is we have no creativity and he's trying to do that, which just isn't his game. He can occasionally pick a pass though, Rangers away last year being one example! Was our best player when we were on that good run under Angelo and we'll miss him when he's gone.
  5. It's because UEFA withhold prize money if you do that. 10% for England when they last did it, plus a €50,0000 fine. Every club gets a certain solidarity payment for Europe, so it'd be cutting 10% from every club which is why they won't do it. England's TV deal is so big that losing some UEFA prize money won't be felt but for our clubs losing £20-30,000 or whatever it is could make a big difference.
  6. I know it will be hard for some people to hear and I'm sure I'll get red dots but journalists don't just literally make up quotes for their stories. Keith Jackson may be a prick but I'm sure he has spoken to someone in the dressing room. The number of exclusives he's had with Billy Bowie (on the record) would suggest he could probably check things with him (off the record) and just put "we understand" rather than making up quotes. Doesn't mean the player is right, or representative of the dressing room, but there's no chance they'd just make it up.
  7. Quite sad about this news really. Guy came in with a really good CV and inherited a squad which was VERY thin. The Connah's Quay Nomads game was a disaster, and recent form has been poor, but I think we've seen some good things in what has been a difficult season. Given he's got no experience of Scottish football and a squad without much depth I thought he was right to make us hard to beat first and foremost, and at times we've seen some nice football just hampered by a lack of creativity. If it's true that the players have thrown their toys out of the pram it's very disappointing - I'd think you'd want to buy into a guy who's worked with Hazard, Kante, Pirlo etc. Presumably as Head of Football Operations it's now James Fowler who has the big say in picking the new man? Huge test for someone who's just in the door.
  8. Poor performance from us but still Larry didn't have a real save to make. Terrible game, but actually heard a few people booing at the end - no wonder Killie fans have a reputation for moaning. s**te game, but booing your own team off after a draw when you're fifth in the league is just embarrassing.
  9. Subs: Bell, Ajer, Mulumbu, Kelly, Burke If I'm honest Stewart probably deserves to go up-front with Boyd but I just can't bring myself to pick him
  10. Lone striker in a team that's down to 10 men early on is a thankless task. Clearly not a long-term solution (hence the very short contract!) but harsh to judge him on tonight.
  11. Someone do a song to Outkast's 'Miss Jackson'
  12. Dicker by an absolute mile, absolutely strolled it. The kind of player who will only be appreciated when he's gone.
  13. Take out Celtic away and I think we've been completely in control of our last three games. The results haven't been there, sure, but if we keep playing like we did today then we'll win far more games than we lose. The performance today was better than most last season, we just couldn't find a way through.
  14. Just have to look at him to see he looks fitter. Maybe one of these guys who could always get by on natural ability at a lower level and didn't necessarily work as hard as he should. Seems to have really knuckled down over the summer though, and he could be an asset this season

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