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  1. He maybe aimed up the park but applied his usual level of accuracy!
  2. Geddes let one through his legs in the last minute. Feared a repeat tonight!
  3. Agree, may work out for the best, or could add to the cluster f .... No one knows either way at this point.
  4. PaulMcQ


    Unconventional but effective. Hopefully his enthusiasm, combined with yesterday’s result, spreads to the team. Hero in the making.
  5. Taking Fridays emotion out of things, does this suggest that we’re operating in a ‘post window’ basis? If we need to hold on a few days to get ex Premiership talent then it sits well enough with me.
  6. Findlay was the one that stood out. I'd make him captain.
  7. Agree. Outstanding today. Seemed to be a lot more 'steel' about him as well.
  8. Special mention for the Jamie triple save at Perth!
  9. I’m sure Sammy made a wonder save the day we stayed up at Hibs. Memory might be making it better than it was, but not any less important.
  10. Goalie 100%. Selling one every week at this point. We don’t have enough goals in the team to start one down.
  11. Probably his own performance ....
  12. Looking forward to seeing it back. I don’t feel that he moves his feet (in general) and dives from his standing spot. No doubt TV will prove me totally wrong though!!
  13. Good luck Archie. Great to see a youngster putting in the hard work, and showing the initiative to get the product out there. The rewards will follow sir!

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