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  1. John Sludden. Didn't reach the heights for us but always had the potential. Martin Baker was another one.
  2. We need to change this soon, they're over running us.
  3. A bit of dynamism in the team when Gallagher played. Did pretty well for us.
  4. I don't think anyone could disagree with that but they've got to get there first. The teams with a small fan base are there because they're good enough to be there.
  5. In my era, I'd say Tommy Burns on the playing side, Steve Clarke on the management side, and Bobby Fleeting on the Boardroom side. Pivotal moments in our history when these guys were appointed.
  6. Brilliant Allan, that's made my day. My dad has told me all about that season and what it meant to him and the family. I remember my gran telling me of the support of Willie Waddell. ' C'mon Wullie Waddell' was the cry! Brilliant memories for all!
  7. Great post Alan, all the best to you
  8. Just over half an hour to salvage something from this shambles. The Board and management will know that they're attempts at signings have totally demoralised us but will they really care? They're still riding on the wave of last season, whereas we have long since realised that normal service has been resumed. They are going to have to pull out all the stops to prevent another period of discontent
  9. He might have done, who knows? He might prefer another crack down South. Either way, money talks!
  10. That's a great piece of writing
  11. George Best playing for Hibs. Didn't realise at the time just how big an icon he was, I was too young
  12. Dear Kilmarnock FC, Thanks so much for a wonderful festive season. What a pleasure it has been to watch a group of players who perform with such willingness and heart, give 100% effort and leave everything they have on the pitch after giving their all for the Club and its fans. What a pleasure to know that our Board have improved the communication between Club and fans and keep us updated on any news and goings on at the Club that we support. The football on show is very pleasing to the eye. Fast flowing attacking football, goals a plenty and a watertight defence...what more can we ask fo