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    Dundee thread

    5 hour round trip, frustrated to say the least, that said If offered a draw at half time would have taken it as I couldn't see how we were going to score. Pitch continues to deteriorate (in my opinion), the boys look totally uncomfortable playing on it, opposition appear to treat it as they hate it but if they win it is only possibly once a season they have to play on it. Can't understand how slow the surface is, especially when comparing it with the pitch Scotland recently played on in Luthiania which appeared really slick. As for the 'the miss'???? Rossco a season defining game!
  2. GrahamM

    Dons Fred

    Watched the game with my Aberdeen supporting mate in the Dick Donald Stand (his turn to select seating), Dons supporters crapped themselves every time JJ got posession, if only he had a final ball! Greer strolled the game and was easily man of the match. Erwin came onto a game and given time will be a success. Interestingly Dons supporters were positively commenting on how young a team Killie had out and negatively from an Aberdeen perspective how they struggled to break them down. Guess plaudits to the youngsters for their efforts and the management team in organising them! Opening 20 mins was a tough watch though.

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