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  1. Hi Folks I've just been told that I can now work from home and will get a works laptop and stuff next week. Does anyone have a desk that they no longer need and may want to give away or sell cheap. thanks D
  2. from the club web page "Six players in total have now tested positive and following discussions with NHS Ayrshire & Arran Public Health, the Scottish Government, East Ayrshire Council and the footballing authorities, our entire first-team playing squad have been advised to self-isolate until October 14." So wonder if the game will get play and if so who will play ?
  3. so if I have read this correctly in the Scotland Squad there is 3 players and 2 backroom staff that have tested positive ? 1 less than Killie so if there is another member off staff then surely the local health board should have to step in as they did with us ?
  4. Dunfermline game if on the 13th and is you prove a pos to covid is it not 10 days so all 6 players possibly back by the 11th, only issue being coaching staff but MacDonald has done a great job before ? sorry if I'm wrong but the best of 2 bad scenarios is a 0-3 defeat
  5. Tactical ploy ? is this a tactical ploy by the club ? Play the clubs and lets say they lose 6 / 7 -0 and we fight and win the rest and top spot comes down to goal difference, losing 0-3 could be the better result
  6. I would include them and EAC staff as local heroes but also include others outside these organisation
  7. What about in this crisis we find local heroes who have gone that one step further to help others? Give them a mini hospitality treat say in the hotel let them watch the game and bring them into the park at HT so we can say thank you ?
  8. Anyone any idea about the clubs insurance and if it would cover any loss from playing behind closed door.
  9. Larry SOD DDF Findlay NIko Burke Dicker Power Kiltie Brophy Kabamba
  10. Prior to the match I was listening to the radio in the car and they were moaning about the pitch on how it takes longer to recover / its more difficult to adapt from soft surface to hard etc etc , when then the honest came out with something along the lines of :- " some well known sports personality / organisation, (forgot the name) has done a report around playing sports on grass and astro and it found that you stand a higher chance of getting injured playing on grass than astro" I thought my radio had broke with the silence that followed :-)
  11. Morrison's have implemented a camera parking system its been in for a few months although not sure if it's 2 or 3hrs. I think it was to stop the commuters etc from parking all day .
  12. I may be wrong but was it not also paid for by QTS rather than the club ?
  13. I think the biggest issue for the club is that they have made offers to various players but their agents are waiting or have had other others from other clubs and want the best price for their player. What might happen is a player or two on the very last minute as they didn't get a better offer from else where
  14. Kabamba where Kiltie is and Brophy where Kabama is , they both seem to gel a little for the short period they played on Wed and I think what Brophy needs so would probably go more 442. We need to go ahead first and be in a lead rather than keeping our better forwards as impact subs