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  1. DAVE_T

    Over 2,000 ST's sold....

    Is this figure actually SOLD STs or just STs got. The difference being if 1000 Adults bought STs and they all took a free child's ticket then is 2000 that good a figure as its only 1000 sold? Also we can not really compare with this time last year as I think it has already been said the tickets did not go on sale until 13th May.
  2. DAVE_T

    Hearts match

    Would there not be a few seats in the FB that would need to be blocked and not be allowed to be sold for the likes of complimentary, visiting managers / scouts / press etc. and then is there not a bit kept for visiting away family fans ?
  3. DAVE_T

    New Directors ?

    Would not like to think so, why charge the Trust to have a fan on board and if the rumours are true from selling their business they are not shy of a bod or two. Treat everyone fairly and keep the peace.
  4. DAVE_T

    Commercial "Manager" (sic)

    what if by keeping the same price or by giving the discount you actually increase your ST holders by more than you would if by increasing it by £70 and by increasing it you lose ST holders ? The last time we had a BOGOF it worked, Why not approach local businesses and ask then if they would be willing to join the SSC revolution by offering ST holders some sort of deal when spending money in their premises, look at some of the PR Hurlford got by giving Killie ST a £1 off a game if they showed their ST, support your local business and let your local business support you. Sorry look at what SC has done with some of the bargain bucket signing we have and on the money they were on, it shows its not always what a player is worth or is paid, but how they are trained and allowed to play. There was very little thought about these tickets at all.
  5. DAVE_T

    Season tickets

  6. DAVE_T

    Commercial "Manager" (sic)

    Lets sell them before there could have been a better date to have started this, weeks ago even a few games prior to the cup game, go get your cup game ticket and ST at the same time type of thing
  7. DAVE_T

    Commercial "Manager" (sic)

    1. Start thinking about it just after Xmas when on our great run which continued and everyone is on a high, not after another Dons defeat. 2. Got ST holders / Fans Groups / Non ST holders involved asking their opinions. ideas / pricing 3. Delayed the announcement of a signing if there wasn't going to be own on the ST launch date 4. Price wise maybe £300 East and FB if a ST holders bring a Non ST they get 10% off. Encourages ST holders to scout their mates to get a ticket, this is an example even £325 but if you bring a NON ST price drops to £300 5. Longer early bird date times, feck folk are planning / paying for holidays etc over this period of time 6. Not stopping kids wanting to go in the East let them use the Moffat pre-match entertainment and on show of their ST allow them into the EAST 7. If an adult wants a Moffat ST then price appropriately, not just for family's 8. If Family's want kids to go to OF games and price appropriately for the East / FB 9. Members cards for those who don't want / cannt afford a ST, they can still after a cut off date choose a seat and then buy their match day ticket online this could also apply for ST holders for cup games. Also keeps a record of contact details and who attend what games. 10. Try and get a big Killie celeb to help on the announcement day we do have a few as the half time draws have shown I'm sure others would have more and better ideas and these are a few I've thought about over the last 24hrs
  8. DAVE_T

    Season tickets

    Have I not the right to complain if I think the price is too high, if I think the clubs approach in recruiting more ST Holders is wrong ? Should I just be bullied into taking replies without the right to respond or correct people when they are saying the wrong things. What fans groups were involved in this pricing if any, why didn't the club start asking fans their opinion, someone out there might have a great idea on how to increase ST sales and keep the price the same or cheaper at the same time. For a family / fans orientated club there doesn't seem to be that much involvement. As my original comments said I think the club has over looked next years ST sales and in my eyes it is proven on how it was marketed and priced but that's my opinion and until someone can justify the reasoning behind it then it remains. As for the "give us all peace" maybe you should take a leaf out of your own words!!!!
  9. DAVE_T

    Season tickets

    Where have I said "folk don't like going to OF games due to big bad old firm fans" ? Surely if folk don't want to go to a game it is their right or are we going to start forcing ST Holders to attend every game ?
  10. DAVE_T

    Season tickets

    Whats Ibrox got to do with this ? This is ST holders who prefer not to go to RP at OF games, so they probably don't go to porkheed or ipox anyway !!!
  11. DAVE_T

    Season tickets

    Already been down this road regarding grabbing kids or just blagging your kid is not well, telling folk to stop moaning about the increase but encouraging them to rip off the club !!!
  12. DAVE_T

    Season tickets

    Because there are ST who don't like going to OF games at RP
  13. DAVE_T

    Season tickets

    surely you would have to take the price of a ST at £325 and not £370, as Cammy is using £325 as the cheaper price to convince me we are getting a discount. £325 for 19 dames is roughly £17 per walk up, if you take away a game lost for holidays and maybe not attending OF games I would expect walk up prices to be considerably more expensive next season.
  14. DAVE_T

    Season tickets

    exactly what I was thinking and saying, if they had kept ST prices at £300 say 10% discount for a ST and non ST together it would have been more appealing and would have encourage more ST holders to probably get their friends involved.
  15. DAVE_T

    Season tickets

    Why is it a myth from what has been said on these boards in the past the likes of BOGOF was a success, but as I said some sort of initiative 2-3 seasons ago a ST Holder who brought a non ST Holder both got 10% off the price of their ST which was at a frozen price i think, why not something like that where you get a cheaper thanks for your support price and a welcome to your new ST price. I didn't mention the kids tickets because I don't have a problem with that BUT its only a good deal if you have a kid is it not ? And don't forget there is a possibility a ST may go up £70 for some folk!!

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