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  1. Looking at the opinion of Pompey fans this type of target bodes well for Fowler /Dyer and the type of players we are looking to sign. Hopefully goes through, Bachmann signs by the weekend then top 6 here we come!
  2. Dan1el

    Club Shop

    More things change, the more they stay the same! Should have had the strips to pre-order, I've said previously we are making great strides in majority of areas but the commercial/store side of things is always terrible
  3. You vote in the idiots this is the planning you get. Athletico fans (Madrid being a virus hotspot who have closed public gatherings) travelling across europe for a game in England. The horse racing going ahead all week etc. Games/season should have been cancelled (or at the least postponed) weeks ago, playing behind closed doors is terrible and as shown by the champs league the fans turned up outside the ground anyway making it pointless in terms of stopping the spread. Blessing in disguise getting knocked out of the Scottish Cup now
  4. Looks brilliant! Off the park club are heading in all the right directions, imagine something like this being planned under MJ
  5. Watching Larry and Koprivec throughout the season, Angelo should have been sacked on that alone as a judgement of a player
  6. Dont want to add to the gloom after last night but Top 6 was gone after we lost to Hibs. We'll win a few of those games but season is over. We should now be focusing on getting mathematically safe and then get planning way in advance of next season
  7. His subs can be questioned but we still found ourselves in winning positions two times. I think we are suffering from the shambolic summer transfer policy and general mess up. Of those Bunn you would hang on Dyer, the rest/lack of depth falls on Angelo/Board Dyers post match comments sum up last night perfectly, this one was on the players: "They are not kids out there. They are experienced players who have been in this situation before and they should know how to see out the game."
  8. Seasons over, we aren't making top 6 and we need a few more wins to not get dragged into a playoff battle (I dont think we will) so we should be looking at next season already, especially behind the scenes. Positivies for Dyer - we are playing alot better and creating plenty of chances which is a great sign / he gets players wanting to play for him which has been evident since he got the gig / Bamba is a good signing Last night was on the players, the lack of awareness to waste time, kill the game in both the 90 & Extra Time is criminal from professional footballers, yes Dyer could have made subs sooner but we got ourselves twice in position to win the game with minutes left, and the players couldnt hold it together. Accies would have won both the 90 and ET last night with there tactics. Getting the ball back at 3-3 we should have passed it back to Larry, passed it about the back and at least got penalties. To summarise I think I'd give the gig to Dyer, announce it now and get ready for next season, we can't afford to have a summer like last where we basically killed our season in those months
  9. Mental aint it, folk just sitting there and then..... "Is it true Alex Dyer was quoted as saying that he will purposely lose tonights game so killie fans dont have the hassle of taking up more seats at St Mirren Park??" Lets leave the Cathy stuff to Cathy herself and stop making things up
  10. Whoever heard it/witnessed it should have chinned the person (understand this isn't for everyone) or another option take a note of the seat/row and report to the club after the game/steward during the game. Plastering it all over social media just creates gossip/rumours and dosnt do anything to identify the uneducated idiots spouting this rubbish. If we start going down that route we'll have folk trying to get other clubs in trouble every couple of hours
  11. 2 season defining games coming up, we've got ourselves in a great position now to get top 6, win this one and I think we don't look back. Mckenzie has been the catalyst for our upturn in form, from the Ross County game to Sevco. He has to play in both. We need to go same again for Hibs & Dons and then probably rest them away at Celtic if needed. Keeper wise I'd bring back Larry, Kiprovic didnt do himself any favours Wednesday (I think him running out when Morelos hit the bar was alot worse than their goal)
  12. A Niall Quinn & Kevin Phillips partnership feel about it, that last goal was a thing of beauty
  13. What a difference a few weeks make, what a difference a few years make! Remember dreading heading to these games, not a hope in hell of getting a result and the players looked beaten before it kicked off. Fast forward and we now regularly give them a game and beat them! Massive credit to Dyer, he's shown a few folk on this message board he might be the man for the job. He's changed things for different games and going 2 uptop, man for man, last night was a brave call. Added bonus of killing off that horrible teams title aspirations to boot, oh what a night skelping the zombies on a Wednesday night
  14. After seeing it on the highlights, much ado about nothing. As mentioned if he'd flung it forward it would have been a non-story. Both keepers look terrible, for some reason I'd stick with Larry. There is also the I let my team mates down outlook and he'll be looking to impress them? (i'm clutching at straws!)
  15. Think he's at the wind up, if you watched the 90mins on Saturday Rory would be 1st name on the team sheet for me, and I'm far from his biggest fan but his energy/legs/press will be needed tonight. Watched Hearts highlights against St Johnstone, they should have lost that by a couple, chance after chance. Would bet if they fall to B&B tonight we'll come away with a win

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