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  1. Good Luck with the retirement, I hope it's a long and happy one!
  2. R.B.Russell Cutler, I always wondered what a cutler was!. Was there not a wee shoe shop right next to the Viaduct. , Enor shoes or something like that?
  3. 14th May 1971 , Frank Beattie testimonial one of Kenny Dalgliesh's first appearances for Celtic and he scored 6 times in a 7-2 humping , I sold programs at that game they were double the normal price 10p and not 5p but we never got any extra pay which was 50p per 100. We did get complimentary tickets though!
  4. The same chunk of the population who think that the "Scottish" Daily Mail runs headlines and prints stories that are honest and decent. I guess that we are fortunate that those people are not , and will never be in any sort of majority in Scotland !
  5. A few times I saw a forward line of Tommy McLean , Morrison, Mathie, Jim McLean and Cook ... What would we give for one of those now!
  6. Can you believe that the BBC pay people to write sh!te like this? What I witness with Alex at the games with the fans is the way they respect him. Even with the players. You see things like the body language of players when you're at games and think 'they like him'.
  7. Sad to hear that about Joe, heartfelt condolences to all his family. With that goal scoring record just imagine what he could have given to the team now , gone but never will be forgotten. RIP
  8. Happy Birthday Mr Craigieboy !
  9. Hey Jasper, You need to be careful when referring to a team of priests and stiffer opposition!
  10. A King , Queen and a Jack (ie) McGrory !
  11. What a class act he has become , it's great to share that sense of pride in the club.