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    The site looks rushed. Again making the club look amateurish. Creased clothes, some wonky pictures which look like they have been taken on a phone. Why oh why can we not get things right! I’m sure there will be a decent photographer out there that could have came in and taken photos of some of the players wearing the kit to show it off. Would have looked so much better.


    Where’s he been? I mean where’s he wheely bin? *grabs coat*
  3. Lazy player who could have done so much more if his attitude was there. When he wanted to play he was the best player on the park. Unfortunately that only happened 3/4 times a season, like when he played against us after he went to Dundee.
  4. If this goes ahead it’s just going to be every year the team that finishes bottom will call for league reconstruction
  5. My great grandads commemorative Scottish cup cup. Was given to my dad at a young age, he was told it has to only be drank from when we win the Scottish cup (therefore only been drank from 3 times in 100 years) my dad managed to raise a glass in 1997. Hopefully I can share a drink with him soon!
  6. I thought we did okay tonight. 100 times better than the s**t show that was St Mirren. Got to remember we were playing the best team in the country. Onwards and upwards
  7. I’ve bean thinking after yesterday’s win everyone is so up beet
  8. This was from after the rangers game
  9. Just so everyone knows the roofs on the snack bars are not for jumping on.

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