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  1. Alternatively, Could The Trust as the 3rd largest shareholder, send a letter of concern raising all the issues encountered on behalf of ALL of our fans? The club maybe more likely to take notice/action if they did it in an official capacity rather than just having a wee chat with Cathy leaving her to pass it on at boardroom level.....
  2. As a side note, he's just signed for Gartcairn in the newly formed West of Scotland League....
  3. C4mmy31

    Club Shop

    Whoever is/was in charge of the shop project needs emptied, director or not. Absolutely shambolic yet again, so clearly zero lessons have been learned after that pathetic attempt by the club to celebrate our 150th anniversary. This is just the latest in a long line of own goals which needs to be addressed, thou based on their track record, I won't hold my breath.....
  4. The club reffering to him as our new winger, that'll be our left wing issue addressed then.....
  5. only one wee snipit to be had on Youtube right at the end of the video unfortunately. He'll probably no dae anyway.....
  6. according to wiki, he scored 78 goals in 65 appearences for Dover between 2016-18. That canny be right shirley.....
  7. I'd imagine Fowler would have seen him play close up when assistant at Sunderland
  8. C4mmy31

    Club Shop

    Its Kabamba with a lockdown special haircut
  9. C4mmy31


    Apparently we have a trialist GK in from Fulham...... Magnus Norman
  10. C4mmy31

    Club Shop

    The new Kilmarnock FC Online Store will launch this Wednesday, 8th July at 12pm. The team have been working hard to take retail operations back under the club over the past four weeks and are delighted to announce that the new site will be live this week. The club website will be updated with the link and a social media post will go out to notify fans of the site going live, giving fans the opportunity to browse the latest Killie wears and souvenirs. The store will launch with the latest training wear range up for grabs, along with some new souvenirs and keep sakes you won’t want to miss! Fans will also be able to purchase the in-demand official Killie facemasks and are reminded that these can be collected from the shop, although it remains closed for the time being as we make the final adjustments to refurbishments works. If you don’t select the option for your masks to be posted to you, you will be able to collect (starting Thursday, July 9) these between Monday-Friday 12pm – 4pm. Fans are reminded that social distancing must be adhered to and you won’t be permitted to enter the shop. A staff member will greet you at the door and bring your order to you. We know you are all excited to get your hands on our latest home and away shirts, and the good news is that you won’t have long to wait now. We will be releasing pre-order details very soon and expect the shirts to be in stock from the 22nd July 2020. The club will be releasing more updates on that over the coming days. The Killie Store will once again be open to the public very soon, and again, more news on this, plus the social distancing measures in place will follow in due course. Fans will be able to recover their old account from the previous Killie Store – simply use the recover account section on the site when you visit. Season ticket holders will be able to apply for the 10% discount at checkout, using their unique season ticket number, which will consist of 5 letters. You can find this in your confirmation email or text from TicketCo. If you have any issues with this, please contact the ticketing team on 01563 545 311 or email us at tickets@kilmarnockfc.co.uk With many more exciting garments and products coming soon, be sure to follow us on social media for regular updates to make sure you don’t miss out on some Killie keepsakes. If you have any questions, contact the Kilmarnock Store team on 01563 545 310 or email them at killieshop@kilmarnockfc.co.uk. Please note that some of our teams are working remotely or staggered hours, so your patience is appreciated during these very challenging times.
  11. It's also scheduled for the same date as the opening day fixtures for the lower leagues. Another example of only 2 teams matter yet again.....
  12. You've forgotten the 3-0 cup semi V Falkirk in 2007....
  13. C4mmy31


    Bachmann seems to be taking an interest in a few things going on at Killie ....
  14. A fair chunk of that team/squad have been released....

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