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  1. Getting invalid credentials when I try and i cannot get rid of the contact us screen (using a smart tv)
  2. I got logged in via my phone, then tried on my Smart TV (logged out of my phone) can also get logged in on the TV but I cannot get rid of the pop up asking me to contact them.
  3. Has a link been sent out for the finance option? I have tried to use the link that was sent out ages ago but it only allows for full payment.
  4. I would take him. Don't think he was given a fair chance at Aberdeen.
  5. Wonder when the finance option will be up and running.
  6. Downside there are only making 150 of each top.
  7. 100% should never have thrown under arm to reach Niko.
  8. The atmosphere at the game tomorrow could get interesting if we are losing. Cant image the board getting a easy time.
  9. Completely gutted. I keep hoping for it's all a dream and I will wake up to signings that we actually need and a board that knows what to do. But no.
  10. Cheers. I had a complete mental block.
  11. Doing a clear out and came across some old pics from a few years back. But this one has me stumped. Who the hell is he.
  12. Anyone know what happend over at the away dugout after LG went off?

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