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  1. Watching the replay you can see McLean go for the top pocket (yellow card) but is them prompted surrounded by Aberdeen players who convince him to go for his red (back pocket) f**king joke
  2. absolute pish. Never in a million years was that a red
  3. Not a problem with that. Hope they sort out the issues for fans like yourself
  4. VPN mugs. Crappy VPN connections will always drop packets. You'd be better actually going to the games a few times a year instead of being an arm chair fan.
  5. He used to be the youth team manager a few years ago so no doubt has an eye for a player.
  6. Johnny Burn is at Darlington in the conf north. Was on the bench yesterday.
  7. Was released at end of the season. Sidwell wasn't at reading when clarke was.
  8. 2002. Plenty of shocks which in reality is what people want at tournament football.
  9. St Mirren unlikely to spend £1,000 never mind £1M
  10. they have a relatively easy run until the quarters
  11. azert


    Been on loan at Dundee utd second half of season