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  1. It's an irrelevant question. Objectives completely different.
  2. I'm happy with the quality of players signed and quality of defending, passing and ball retention. I'm not happy with our style of play, creating chances, winning the second ball or our general dynamism. So far, the only decent team we've played is ICT and the goal we lost was a defensive/goalkeeping error. My concern is that if we go a goal down, as we did against ICT, if a team really sits in we don't have the tools to unlock. It's okay saying that we'll be happy winning games 1-0 as that is likely to get us out of the league. However, with our superior budget, I did expect us to have team that at least on occasion would show a real sign of intent by wiping the floor with the opposition. First round of games, teams will be wary of our favourites tag, but second round if we are seen as a wee bit timid and not dominating, then teams might well up their game and have a go against us. I think we have a real decision to make with Polwarth, McGinn and Alston, because as the season progresses, I can't see all 3 of them starting in the same 11, they are far too similar. Despite his goal on Saturday, Rory didn't do much else, if Burke is on the sidelines Armstrong has to play to give us that natural width and worry the opposition. A massive game against Thistle next Saturday will show us where we are at, they will set up to attack us I would think, so what happens if we lose the first goal? Will there be more space for us to exploit and, if so, will we be able to? A lot of questions still to be answered.
  3. Polworth looks like a deep lying playmaker to me. I'd like 2 up top and to keep the width too, so only 2 from Polworth, McGinn and Alston can start.
  4. Poor poor poor today and that was just Morton. We are far too cautious and pedestrian, no energy or dynamism. Nobody taking risks, taking their man on or dribbling. Its 3 points but that's it. Rory got the goal, but was utterly abysmal other than that. On to Firhill and probably a sterner test. Very early signs that Haunstrup and Murray could form a good partnership on the left. Ewan Murray solid and reliable.
  5. Aye, fair play to him, he's done well for a player with obvious limitations. Suspect that when he left us, he wouldn't have expected it to be to a club such as Motherwell. Steve Clarke obviously a big influence too, not sure he would have benefitted as much under a different manager.
  6. Because he is a cracking player and would add a bit more quality to our workmanlike squad.
  7. It's called complacency. I'm old enough to remember the last time we were complacent. We found ourselves in the the old division 2. Don't think that it couldn't happen again. Parachute payment says we've got an advantage this season. After that....
  8. You would like to think that we are trying to bring Kennedy to the club.
  9. It's okay to be realistic and understand that we are a championship club. If we get promotion, the only objective this season, then that realism will have been rewarded. I remember the last time we got relegated, it wasn't straight forward getting back to where we wanted to be, in fact it was complicated and took a good few seasons. We don't want that to happen again. This against a backdrop of 28 years in the top league and an absolute clusterf**k of a season that should never have happened. As we've seen already, the quality of the championship is pretty poor. I think, more than anything, it'll be the poor quality of most of the teams, added by some consistency from us, that will give us the best chance of going back up. We are short in striking options. We fell short in the transfer window getting strikers in. That's just a fact. Will we be able to address in the out of contract market, who knows? Bottom line for me is, we have a solid workmanlike side that won't lose many goals, but equally won't score many. We need another striker and possibly a playmaker. We are still short. We get one proper crack at this with the parachute payment. Failure to win promotion this season could see us like Falkirk, Airdrie, Raith, Partick or Dunfermline. That's the realism of the situation that we find ourselves in. We are in the Championship, we are currently a championship club. We take nothing for granted, but following a 28 year stint, everything at our club is geared up for the Premiership. Lets set our sights high and not become complacent to our situation.
  10. Eh? Need to expand upon that. The transfer market, prior to the window closing, was more or less worldwide at every level, that was our choice budget permitting.
  11. Why are we targeting deals that will potentially fall through at the last minute? We didn't do that with the other 98% of the squad? We took a gamble and it failed. All will be good if we can still do a deal and get Hendry in on loan.
  12. Prior to the window closing, could have been from any club at any level in any country.
  13. Why does it need to be a Premiership level footballer? We aren't in the Premiership.
  14. That's just complete nonsense.