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  1. funky monkey

    Dons match fred

    My gut reaction at the time was 'never a penalty, and after watching that confirms what I thought at the time. Stevie May, back to goal, no danger, goes down like a sack of spuds. Between that and the disallowed goal, i think we can feel hard done by. All night McLean showed his incompetence for both sides.
  2. funky monkey


    Mmm ...
  3. funky monkey

    Clarke v Brendan

    For the first time since he came to Celtic, Rodgers has appeared irritated in recent weeks. Easy to be the nice guy when there is no pressure. As to the question, SSC is the man.
  4. funky monkey


    I think the 1-1 draw against St Mirren was my first ever Killie game. Jinx then, jinx now ....
  5. funky monkey

    Greatest goal?...

    Was my favourite season ever. Only missed 2 games all season home or away. Happy days to be a Killie fan.
  6. funky monkey

    Greatest goal?...

    Was at Brechin around festive periodand the barrier collapsed during the wild celebrations. We lost the game though and Brechin won the league.
  7. funky monkey

    Greatest goal?...

    This. Burns scored a few crackers. Dargo against St Mirren cup semi at Hampden. McSkimming away to Dunfermline. Wright at home to Hibs. Most celebrated was Bobby's 93rd winner at Ibrox, Wright and DVT of course.
  8. funky monkey

    Cup tie prices confirmed

    The English game is over hyped beyond belief because Sky and BT have to sell subscriptions.r I'm not comparing Scottish football to English football as that is pretty pointless. It is more relevant compare Scottish football to what it was like 10 years ago or 20 years ago and there is no doubt that it is an inferior product in 2018. 20 years ago, clubs were spending beyond their means, we signed Christophe Cocard for example. That couldn't continue and clubs are trying to live within their means these days to the point that even Celtic are quite happy to take in loan signings to boost their squad. Perhaps the game outside of Celtic is more competitive than it was 20 years ago and that's mainly a good thing, but the quality of player in general is much reduced and as such the product isn't as good. Having said all of that, it would seem that Killie under Steve Clarke are on the up again and through Clarke the relationship with the supporters seems to be improving which can only be a good thing, that's almost as important as price when the product has an emotional attachment to it.
  9. funky monkey

    Cup tie prices confirmed

    Fair enough, although a film is a one off event where you more or less know if you are going to get value in advance, still way too expensive though at peak periods, can opt for different pricing off peak or 2 for 1 deals, usually not an option in Scottish football.
  10. funky monkey

    Cup tie prices confirmed

    Nope, Stranraer are charging too much. Heard from a St Mirren supporting colleague that Dumbarton were charging £26 for a ticket when the clubs met recently, that really is fleecing the supporters.
  11. funky monkey

    Cup tie prices confirmed

    It is self perpetuating, but the customer isn't there to satisfy the product. Whilst the product diminished as a whole, Killie suffered more than most because of the lack of customer care and exploitation coming from the boardroom. Good to see things seem to have changed significantly since the remarkable appointment of Steve Clarke, hopefully the good days are returning. Even a £20 walk up, Killie amongst te cheapest in the league, is still too much. I've only been to a couple of games over the last few years, having been a season ticket holder for a very long time, so will get along to the Brora game to see what the Steve Clarke revolution is all about.
  12. funky monkey

    Cup tie prices confirmed

    Understand that it is the product and pricing that keeps some people away.
  13. funky monkey

    Cup tie prices confirmed

    Still too much money. Top level football in Scotland is worth no more than 15 poundds adults 10 concessions 5 under 16s. Not criticizing KFC specifically, but the product is not worth any more than that. Just my opinion. As a lapsed supporter, I'll try and get along for this one, see what all the fuss is about.
  14. funky monkey

    What the best you’ve ever seen us play?

    First half of the League Cup Final where Durrant and Holt dominated a very good Celtic side. Durrant didnt come out for thr second half and Henrik Larsson got a couple of deflected goals.
  15. funky monkey

    Super Ally Mitchell


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