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  1. Rogers has got the jersey at the moment, he's done okay, but he'll need to keep improving and show that he is a top league No 1. Rogers looks like a confidence keeper, time will tell.
  2. How many times have we seen a one on one like that and the striker fluffs it? Kabamba was so cool with that finish. At home 442 is the way to go, worry the opposition more. Its no coincidence that when asked to step up, Gary Dicker had his best game in ages. Kabamba has got to try and find a level of consistency now because from what we've seen he's got all the attributes needed to be a success in our league.
  3. Boards come and go, it's the fans that keep clubs going. Bobby Fleeting would have to get a mention, despite his flaws he delivered his vision for the club, cemented in the top league, won the Scottish Cup and played in Europe.
  4. With the rumours around Bryson and Devlin refusing to accept their Covid fines, it would seem that a situation is developing at Aberdeen, so anticipating Bryson and Devlin gone, they are moving to speculate on McCrorie. Fans will turn a blind eye to off field redundancies if the team is doing well on the park, but Aberdeen seem to have been a bit of a basket case during the Covid crisis, with a chairman/chief exec who spouts some bizarre and contradictory stuff. With wage cuts/deferals etc., I'd imagine that McInnes will have his work cut out preventing player unrest in that squad and imposing
  5. How long has it been since we had a creative centre mid?
  6. What is Dyers style? We still don't know. Trying to copy SSC in every game regardless of the opposition is simply ridiculous.
  7. Where was the organisation that we showed against Celtic? Individual errors cost us dear, but the starting formation was too conservative, Dyer isn't the manager for us, he is simply sticking with the SSC formula, there's no Plan B.
  8. Surely, when you look to loan a player, you look to loan from a higher level? Generally, even in times where the club has been in the doldrums, we've nearly always had a good goalkeeper. It's such an important position within the team. I'm perplexed about our goalkeeper signing policy, suppose it was all about Bachmann. As it is, no idea which of our keepers can claim to be No 1, all seem to be of a similar standard.
  9. You were quick. I corrected within a minute of posting. Spellcheckers are great. But well done you for pointing that out. Have a nice Monday.
  10. It was Shiels who began to instill that belief, yet despite delivering a trophy he remains maligned by a large percentage of the support. Hard to comprehend really.
  11. Not always the case. Dicker suffered some poor form last season. My point is that if we want to be more progressive and more of a threat to the opposition, we can't go with 3 holding midfielders. Whilst we've had relative success being hard to beat, I want us to be more progressive, worry the opposition more and score more goals.
  12. Yes, quite possibly, but that's because we were in the game from the first whistle and the team gave us everything. I remember saying on the way to the game that the sun was shining, so we would enjoy our day regardless of the outcome. We were there through hope rather than expectation. My original point still stands though, we could have had many more tickets if we needed them.

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