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  1. Always loved Gary Harkins. Will never get tired of watching this...
  2. Repeated on Alba at 10pm if anyone is interested!
  3. Is Stephen Hendrie not a possibility to step up to replace Niko of he goes? Remember there being a generally positive response when we signed him but not heard a peep since.
  4. From the Beeb: Kilmarnock: James Fowler named head of football operations James Fowler has been appointed as Kilmarnock's head of football operations, with the former Rugby Park midfielder's experience for the role being hailed as "second to none". Fowler, who played more than 450 times for the Ayrshire club and was part of the 2012 League Cup-winning side. Most recently, the 39-year-old worked under Jack Ross at Sunderland, having previously assisted him at St Mirren. "We're delighted to welcome James back to Killie," director Billy Bowie said. Ross poised to be named Hibs boss "James's experience for the role is second to none and we're all looking forward to working with him going forward." Former Queen of the South manager Fowler will "oversee the entire football department" and will be "responsible for all club recruitment and scouting" at first team, reserve, under-18 and academy level. "I am thrilled to be coming back to the club," he said before taking up the post on Monday. "With the experience I've gained in the last five years in various roles within the industry, I feel that this is the right opportunity for me to implement my ideas. "The club and supporters have always been so welcoming, and I am looking forward to working with the board, Angelo Alessio and his staff, and the fans to continue to build the strongest team we can."
  5. Did we not sign Mark Ridgers the goalie as an emergency loan a few years ago, possibly from St Mirren? Played at home against Hearts and was pretty gash if I recall.
  6. I thought Bigdaw's post was spot on. Optimistically honest. What are the 'obvious' positives that you think were missed?
  7. Just saw the highlights on facebook and thought Rory took his goal really well. I know there was a deflection but it was great technique and connection from a high spinning ball. Delighted with the another win today. The entertaining football isn't quite there yet but Points make Pizes as my dear grandmother used to say.
  8. I think it might prove to be easier for Angelo to implement his ideas and style to the new players that have come in, as they will want to come in and impress the manager and won't be harking back to the previous regime under Sir Steve. So I'm quite excited to see how we look in another few weeks once this group has settled.
  9. For me, today might even top the 2012 cup final. The way it played out and everything surrounding it, really just an indescribable feeling.
  10. Mcisny just ruled himself out on the bbc page. Looks a step closer to the inevitable. I would understand if he goes. When you weigh up his family commitments and what he has always said about his next move, I think the Scotland job is a good fit. He'll leave with an absolute legacy at Kilmarnock, he'll get to see his family more, and once the dust has settled we will be happy to at least still have him influencing Scottish football and hopefully getting the national team to somewhere decent. Still, nothing for sure yet.
  11. He's not good enough for us at this time and there are better players we have who merit a place in the squad. He'll go elsewhere in the Summer and I'll keep an eye on him and hope he does well but we definitely won't miss him.
  12. Looking for an adult's ticket for tonight's game if anyone has a spare. I'm working in Glasgow until 6pm but can nip out during the day to meet anyone in around Glasgow or meet at Ibrox. Got a magical feeling for this one.. Cheers! Matt
  13. Could the verdict be reached before the weekend?
  14. No doubt The Rangers will splash the paltry fee to appeal. Knowing full well they have no chance but it will free Morelos up.

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