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  1. Simple question. Can someone please explain why he is consistently picked?
  2. Orihuela Costa, Spain. 21 degrees today 😎
  3. Great band. Stevie Marriot was a superb musician.
  4. I'm happy to eat a large slice of humble pie! Kabamba was excellent and very happy he proved me wrong.
  5. I accept there have been other very poor players which is why I said it was one of the worst performances I have seen, not the worst.
  6. I really enjoy your in depth responses. Please keep them coming.
  7. Fair comment but still think Kabamba was shocking today.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Thankless shift maybe but players like Boydie or tbe late great Eddie would have made things happen for supporting players. Kabamba did nothing all game. Accept this is just my opinion which is obviouly in a minority.
  9. I remember all these guys. Still waiting for someone to tell me exactly what Kabamba contributed today. Easy to be negative but can anyone be constructive?
  10. OK could all the critics please actually explain what Kabamba actually contributed. Thanks
  11. I think Kabamba's performance today was one of the worst I have ever seen by a Killie number 9 and I have been watching for a very long time. He contributed absolutely nothing, didn't win a single header, never controlled the ball or was able to bring other players into the game. Boydie would have been better after a year in retirement! For me the most concerning aspect was that the manager watched this performance and kept him on for the full match.
  12. Excellent post. More positivity and objectivety like this would be reply welcome.
  13. RIP big Jack. A member of a great team who are remembered for all the wrong reasons. So many great Scottish players. Never get tired of watching the clip of them keeping possession against Southampton.
  14. It's series 3, episode 4. It's in Nigeria, Belize and Bangladesh tours. Called when Captain James is injured.