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  1. A result on Friday and I will be more confident.
  2. Not watching but I’m getting the impression we are not as good as we think we are! Biggest budget or not.
  3. That’s exactly what he did, apart from be at the back post at the right time
  4. Total amateurs, they really are.
  5. He will work his arse off running about aimlessly all over the park, this should read.
  6. 3775 I can’t make it!
  7. Was there too, Just watched it on youtube.
  8. He can cross a ball!
  9. Good player, welcome back. Striker now please
  10. A pint in the pavilion within an hour!
  11. He will be if we get him and he bangs in 20 goals. Same applies to our new number 9!
  12. According to my source, could be!
  13. Inside statement, guess and rumour combined. A good source mind you! As always though I’m never right!