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  1. I actually hate squad numbers, Much prefer just the 1-11 But 4,5,6 can be either centre half or midfield Our 1st season back in the prem 5 and 8 were out centre mid numbers. I quite liked it Monty number 4 and millen number 6 at the back. Then we also used number 10 for Billy stark at sweeper. That was horrid
  2. It's disgraceful anything has to be moved. We are playing in the f**king morning. For what? Anyone who has any inkling sympathy for the Royal family. Have a look in the mirror. Subservient bastards.
  3. Wait a minute, are you actually picking and choosing what you believe. It's all garbage, take it from a guy that had to actually bite my lip when my mother and sister and my aunts insisted my dad had to have a "proper" funeral. I am that arrogant to believe that there is nothing. Being an agnostis is a cop out
  4. How can anyone believe in this day and age about god and jesus, loaves and fishes and all that bollocks. I find it weird. And I'm speaking as someone who was brought up as a Catholic and went to a Catholic school. I'm not the brightest either, but even I came to the conclusion that's this is all bobbins. On topic, I am one absolutely shocked, at accusations of the Royal family being racist. Shocked
  5. I think the hype of the dicker power midfield partnership 2 years ago must still be prevalent. Get mulumbu in midfield with either one or the other. Power has been s**te, Gary dicker ditto So take your pick which one you have to play
  6. Okay, so you didn't watch the match , and one of your rangers supporting pals text you to tell you Rory Mckenzie got booked. It's hardly a massive talking point of any match. Don't think I've ever text anyone to make them aware of a booking I'm thinking you text yer mate to let you know if Mckenzie does anything text me immediately, so I can slaughter him (again) on the killie forum. Very odd
  7. Is there any names that have been sticking out. I'm just harking back to when Williamson came in (as a caretaker at first granted) and flung Burke and bagen in. Wishful thinking I know, would be great if we had a couple of young lads we could just go f**kit, here's your chance
  8. I'm actually delighted by this. I think he will be a success. I don't care about his crabbit demeanour. I think he's what we need On a side issue, the squad has alot of absolute numpties. Guys that should never have been signed. Do we have any young kids in the youth system showing any potential. That could maybe get a game. Or has any future potential for us to capitilize on if any good?
  9. No it doesn't. Scrooby has raised perfectly valid points. Any criticism of the snp and you are on the uber defensive. "snp baaad" pish patter. I'm pro independence, but the way you go on beaker is as if you're in some mind controlling cult.
  10. Come on James. Work for your wage today. Get this lad signed
  11. Are you being serious. He was totally egging them on and stoking the flames. Just because he interspersed it by saying the most insincere go home doesn't mean he actually wants them to go home.
  12. I think Tommy Wright would be a good appointment
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    It's a s**te season. End of
  14. seedsy


    I agree with the OP, this season is a bag of s**te. No fans, games actually being forfeited, it's a lame duck season. Let's just get through it without being relegated, and hopefully kick on next season
  15. Haha, was thinking the same mate. Caught up on this thread this morning "embarrassing" is the word Ngonge, gruff a couple of others. They must be cringing.
  16. Totally agree, whenever this Labour anti semitism story comes up, it's totally front and centre, meanwhile covid has let the tories get away with literally murder. The whole patel doo goody lefty lawyers bashing, which ended up having direct horrific consequences, is almost brushed aside, reported but rarely discussed. I can gaurentee you today on 5live this will be poured over non stop
  17. Spot on. Does my tits in if you are critical of Israel you are an anti semite. It gets peddled all the time.
  18. Squirrellhumper is a good one to be fair
  19. Jeysus. Really?That's my girlfriend gonna be paid off in time for Xmas then. I was hoping with the pressure from the unions that it may have been extended.
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    Maybe he would pay the 12 quid anyhoos it, maybe he wouldn't. But give the guy a break. He literally just wants to watch the football with a mate in the pub.
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    What a ridiculous thread this has descended into, and a total unjustified pile on of AndyKTID. The guy just wants to watch the killie game in the pub with his pal ffs