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  1. No matter what league we find ourselves in next season unless the running of this club is passed on to another party either by sale (unlikely I know) or a knowledgeable team implanted ideally with new ideas and able to inject some new money it would be a fools folly to expect a different result from any action/inaction taken by this board .
  2. Board decisions or lack of them many many months ago predeetermined that our fate in the hands of Dyer was sealed too little and far too late to appoint any new manager especially after the transfer window was closed Guardiola or any of his contemporaries could not fashion a team out of this lot.
  3. Goal St Johnstone hope springs eternal..
  4. I am watching the game live Hamilton had 4 corners on the trot and their goal was well struck..At present I would take the play off place in an instant and never in a month of blue moons would I have entertained this possibility.
  5. Should be in front from what were watching, not brilliant but better than United opportunity missed.
  6. Watched the full game both sides not great but plenty of effort, conditions were more suited to Noah and his boat. If we give the same commitment until the season end there will be few complaints.
  7. Kabamba needs to go absolutely useless that was a decent chance poorly executed so not unexpected.
  8. Much better than previous fiascos sort out the forwards and hope will prevail.
  9. Wow this is dreadful Kabamba and Pinnock as a desperate last hope said it all.
  10. Martindale for Manager,,
  11. It is over 30 years since we dropped down to the old second division which was the third league in Scotland we travelled to games all over Scotland and I can tell you it was little fun especially having Ayr United in the league above us ! if it was not for a great manager and generous benefactors we would have stayed in the lower divisions although we had a good home fanbase compared to others. So in answer to the question a day out to Firs Park East Stirlingshire was no day in the sun.
  12. Mr Bowie.. No Words Necessary Please Just Do It...
  13. Tragic decline since AD was given the reigns only a new experienced manager will fit the bill as the financial consequences of relegation loom large an awful experience for those of us who remember and never wish to replicate we may be in financial difficulties but you aint seen nothing yet should we fall through the leagues.
  14. A sad day indeed for the club to be associated with these headlines never after over 50 years would I ever had thought that one imbecile could detract so much from our proud history . Shame on You .