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  1. DG5


    Panic has set in as regards signings. Do people not think the club know we require certain players for certain positions . We can all speculate what's needed but we have to trust the management . Why tell the media who were interested in and alert others. Pinnock was a surprise signing there hopefully will be others.
  2. You forgot to say the full backs of the championship team in 1965.
  3. DG5

    Craig Bryson

    Don't understand some of the comments about Bryson. We have a limited budget that restricts us in bringing in a quality player irrespective of age. Look at the ages of some we have brought in in the past. EG Tommy Burns, Ian Durrant ,George McCuskey to name a few who were deemed older or getting past there best . How good were they for us.
  4. That's the way the Media work. Or have you not noticed that.
  5. Empty barrels make the most noise. Its easy to be critical .But what are they doing. This person and his family are supporting the club. Forget them they are not worth bothering about. Thanks for investing in the club.
  6. McCrorie Had a good steady loan spell at QoS.
  7. What happens if in 2 years there bottom of the league again. Another 2 year reconstruction plan to save there skins again. The biggest disgrace is the powers to be of Scottish Football are rudderless and incompetent in there dealing with the situation.
  8. DG5

    Scott Boyd.

    Dumped on the dole by Ross County. Unfortunately for him only a short time in the job.
  9. Got registered put lines on. Tried to pay would not take payment tried again still no luck . Gave up and logged out.
  10. The point i was trying to make. Its all right saying too many teams and quality diluted. To which i agree somewhat. But you cant dismiss others and say get on with it we are ok! Its only 20 odd years ago we were down there with the So called lesser teams. And in the past a part time club .
  11. There might be too many teams in Scotland. But everybody has the right to follow who they want. Its not just about league teams you have your Kilwinning Rangers ,Cumnock ,Dalbeattie & amateur teams etc. The people who follow and volunteer at these clubs are not suddenly going to start following league teams. So its easy to say there are too many teams but these teams are no less important to them .Than Killie is to us.
  12. Leeds United. For the way they played v Killie in the Fairs cup Semi.
  13. DG5

    Biggest Coup

    Tommy Burns. For the way he turned the club around. And the manner in which he did it. And the player he was.
  14. DG5

    Best player

    Kenny Dalglish.

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