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  1. Aberdeen 8 rewarded with the first crowd allowed into a game. The SFA suspended sentence was a real deterrent. FFS they rub everybody's nose in it.
  2. Don't understand the suspended sentence part from the SFA. The city was put back into lockdown because of a consequence of there's and others actions. Flouting the rules. I wonder is it was enough to put the final nail in some small businesses .Taking everything into consideration a 2-3 match ban should have been the minimum penalty.
  3. 1st time broadfoot & dikamona have played together. 75 mins is not long to get partnership together. Can take time to know each others style.
  4. Panic over Messi has handed in a transfer request. Been heard to say K T I D.
  5. What about the goalies, the defenders and the forwards u have named We have brought in plus the existing player on the books. What kind of budget do u think we have FFS get real .We have been down the millions in debt once before and look where that got us.
  6. His record is poor. But stats like not won since February .Haven't played since March started back this Month. 5 months without playing. ????????
  7. Sorry to go off thread. But i was listening to sports sound. Was wondering if we were actually playing as the summery was all about rankers and Morelos. I know i should know better than to listen (but at my age old habits die hard))
  8. RIP And condolences to the family.
  9. DG5


    Yep. gone are the days we had Forsyth, Ferguson, McCulloch ,Hunter & McLaughlin ETC.
  10. There's not even a comparison . Burke is streets ahead in terms of football ability and football brains end of story.
  11. No. Griffithis is a good player but he is carrying to much baggage in his head at the moment.
  12. Correct. I think years after J Fleeting realised and apologised for the way he treated Alan Who by the way is a gentleman .
  13. 1-1 ft. Dyer remembered.
  14. As long as Killie are playing there . Call it what u like IE: Theatre of Pies, RP , BBSP RP. Money into the club at this time when some clubs might go under because of no income. I don't care it only a name .
  15. Transfer market website saying he is without a club.

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