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  1. DG5

    George Maxwell

    Brilliant interview. One of the best i have listen too.
  2. DG5

    Adam Frizzell

    The way they play they dont need a midfield.
  3. DG5

    Incomings and outgoings.

    QoS will have to pay him more than they did the last time if they want him back. It was a rumored his dad subsidized his wage.
  4. DG5

    Get well soon Tommy

    Best wishes Tommy. Get well asap
  5. DG5

    Ian Wilson

    Its great how everybody has different opinions.(which is what it should be) I suppose its how we interpenetrate how the game should be played. But I thought Wilson had a good game yesterday.Also what we dont know is what was the managers instructions as to how he wanted him to play.
  6. Well deserved and well merited. Congratulations .
  7. DG5

    Jam Tarts Fred

    Good win. A lot of player put in a good shift. Our midfield was streets ahead of there"s (having said that hertz kept lumping the long ball for laferty to chase.) Also over 6,000 at the game onward and upward
  8. DG5

    Score Prediction - Hearts (H)

    Just hope we win. Would like to see Boydie score a couple to finish of the season.
  9. DG5

    Incomings and outgoings.

    S Clarke has his way of dealing with signings. (He keeps things close to his chest) Once its signed sealed and delivered we will find out. Mean while we can enjoy speculating .
  10. DG5

    Opinions needed Derek McInnes

    Inflated opinion of himself.
  11. DG5

    sellick away, Fred

    Typical media reporting. Hardly any praise for Killie gaining a result.(( Septic did not play well and missed chances)) As already stated the record this season against the twisted sisters is the best we have had in years.
  12. DG5

    Celtic away

    Been away for a long time by all accounts. (The invisible player)
  13. DG5

    Incomings and outgoings.

    The speculation on signings on here is great from the sublime to the daft. We have a manager now who knows what he wants and needs to improve our club. He is re-signing players he apparently wants and trusts to do a job for us in a budget that we can afford. Hopefully he can pull out a signing we don,t expect and keep improving us. In SC we trust.
  14. DG5

    New signage at RP

  15. DG5


    Great news.

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