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  1. Take him 18month deal easy. Less wage of course send Johnson back to Wolves. As it stands we only have Findlay as a centre half next season
  2. Cant help but think the likes of Hendry and Miller at Celtic. Both boys not had a look in wishing they came and gave it a bash here in the Taylor deal if true. And yes I do know they probs wouldn't have helped our cause just now
  3. Just desperate to know what our attacking options will be now
  4. I like him but that throw against no mads. Holy christ!
  5. Wee rumour I've heard from a St Mirren fan that they're for him. Which would make sense us trying to give him a new deal
  6. At last the forum isn't so negative
  7. New signing will be announced tomo morning
  8. Just feel all our Centre half are quite injury prone at times... broadfoot and Bruce slowing down as well. So doesn't look to bad to have them all in. Mane bring in one younger teach them the ways
  9. Was he at tonight's game?
  10. If he wants to come back home etc I can see this one dragging on till the deadline. Perhaps get him on a loan
  11. Wonder if that opens the door for Bachmann again
  12. Where did you see this matey?

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