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  1. Would be the big lad who helped with the warm up on Sunday.
  2. Spoke to Inness just before the break and he said he expected to be back in early Feb.
  3. Credit to AD for changing systems first to go to 2 up front, and then change due to injuries to a back 5 but still keeping 2 up front. Shows he has the ability to make changes when necessary.
  4. Our lack of new signings is terrible. However lets not kid ourselves that other clubs have been signing lots of players. Lists in record of "In's" which includes returning loanees, show only St Mirren with 6 have more than us. Motherwell mentioned a lot on forum only signed 2 including Ndgoli. St Jo. 3, Hearts 3, Ham 3. Ross County 3. Lee Erwin is a name mentioned that we missed, I agreed! only played in 10 of 24 games scoring 1.
  5. Spoke to Innes Cameron at half time at the last home game and he said he would be back in February. I still believe Brophy could play the Greg Stewart role behind a striker.
  6. WE need goals from other players as well. Midfield in particular are more likely to hit any birds in the end stands.
  7. plenty of comment on the forum about other clubs activity. How many of the players signed by St. J. St M. Ham. Motherwell or Livingston would you have been happy with. Few if any I would guess. Numbers mean nothing, be patient and let AD an JF get it right.
  8. Over the last few home games I paid close attention to the "shoot in part of the warm up" Frankly the percentage number of shots on target was woeful, (including Brophy) The only consistent player was Sow. Is this down to technique or temperament. In Boyd we had one of the most successful strikers in SPFL history. Surely it would by worthwhile to get him back 1 or 2 days a week to work with our forward players on technique and movement in the box.
  9. Sorry Mojike and Bod. But great minds think alike.
  10. Burton Albion will look at offers for Scott Fraser in this window if he does not sign an extended contract. A big strong mid fielder who has scored every 5 games.
  11. Performances have no doubt been very poor, however last 4 defeats were all 1 - 0, in each of these games we had early chances to score which would have given the team a boost. With two strikers released and Cameron due back in Feb. successful forward signings in Jan. should see a quick change in our results.
  12. Taylor, Stewart and Jones all missing from the squads, what a waste of talent.
  13. Before today I was leaning towards AD. I sit not far from the dugout and in my 60 + years as a Killie fan I have never seen a less inspiring effort from any Killie manager. AD stood with his hands on his hips staring at the pitch like a man in a trance with no connection with the players. Even when we went 1 down his attitude did not change and it was only when Donati came out and spoke to him that a sub. was considered. Sow was asked to warm up and did so for many minutes with nothing happening. Donati went out and spoke to AD again and Millar was called out and eventually brought on. DT was also only brought on after Donati had another word. We need a manager with enthusiasm and the ability to see what changes are needed and act upon them. On today's performannce AD does not seem to be that man
  14. Some of the names mentioned and those interviewed may not be interested to work under a Director of Football.
  15. I strongly believe that if AD gets good results or even improved performances over the next 3 games he WILL be our new manager. We now have James Fowler in place as "Head of Football Operations" who will be doing many of the routine, mundane tasks as well as overseeing prospective new signings and setting out the future plans for the club to ensure continuity if a manager leaves. This would AD to continue as 1st team coach/manager a role which according to Mulumbu he is great at.

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