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  1. For those that haven’t seen it...
  2. That’ll be up there as goal of the season. Great team move
  3. Kiltie showing nice touches. Really unsure about Waters, seems nervous a lot of the time. Think Haunstrup must be close to a run at LB
  4. The bus probably. Depending on which area of City you are heading but it should take around 35 mins into bothwell street area I drive (well pre covid) and its around £7 a day to park down Kingston bridge way.
  5. We had Millar until xmas. Once he went back to Liverpool we’ve really been lacking pace.
  6. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I don’t think i’ve ever watched a game of football where a commentator hasn’t got a player name wrong.
  7. His original Celtic deal would’ve expired in the summer. I wonder if he had one of those pay-offs where if he signed with another club before the end of last season he would’ve had to pay a percentage back to Celtic or something
  8. Have i missed something? I thought he only signed a 1 year deal. His contract would expire at the same time as Mulumbu’s
  9. I wouldn’t like to be bottom when that happens...
  10. Probably on less money as well than we offered. If the league gets paused again he could be sitting with no club again. His agent must’ve fed him a lot of pish.
  11. I noticed he seemed to say that for away games a couple of times last season too. Think after the Celtic game he said we’d be looking to win or draw up at Ross County. I know we can’t keeping going back but i doubt SC would’ve been saying a draw will be a good result.
  12. No idea if the club pay him but you can tell he doesn’t learn the new players names etc. Referred to the new signings at Easter Road as the “left back lad” and the new “right back lad”.

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