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  1. Chris1810

    Club Shop

    Any idea when the new shop goes online? Would like to hope that it’s not going to be offline until new strip is released. Surely the club could still sell scarfs, polo shirts etc until then
  2. I’d imagine you will be able to stream through on of Skys platforms
  3. Stephen Mcginn freed by St Mirren. I always thought he was a decent enough centre mid
  4. https://kilmarnockfc.co.uk/news/trio-extend-deals-for-2020-2021-season/ Ally Taylor leaving is a surprise.
  5. Seen this on twitter, no idea how accurate it is...
  6. Top 6 probably settled now. Do we begin the search for a new manager? Give us an 8 week period for interviews, due diligence checks etc.
  7. Did Kiltie not play more on the left hand side during the week? I have a feeling he’ll line up there again with Power & Dicker through the middle
  8. Top one is spot on. Button collar looks good
  9. Chris1810


    Article was written by the Kilmarnock Standard...which probably makes it worse

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