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  1. No sound for mine and the picture is terrible. But mon the Killie!
  2. Was Broadfoot offered a new deal? I thought we decided against it.
  3. Would be a great signing for Championship. Probably wishful thinking.
  4. New Stranraer manager for us to be up against...
  5. Unsure if i missed this, but this is supposedly the retro kit.
  6. Underwhelmed by this one. Hopefully he has improved as much as people are saying because last time out he was rotten.
  7. He’ll have changed his tune then, he said a couple of years ago that he’d never sign for us as long as we have that pitch.
  8. Another left back? Haunstrup maybe on the way out if Waters re-signs?
  9. So you don’t ride goats?
  10. This. Astounded at that. Only explanation is maybe sign Waters & Millen up cheaply and let the other two go?
  11. How the f**k can folk no see Dicker is utter pish
  12. Defence is an embarrassment. Dicker looks less mobile than Charlie Adam....
  13. Always surprised at how he manages to stick it out
  14. For me Dicker still looks done, the first 20 minutes felt like they were strolling past him. Saying that if we get another couple of results like that I won’t care.
  15. Cross? Into the box? To a Killie player? I need to see this.
  16. Dicker is f**king miles off it.
  17. 100% agree. Should be nowhere near the team. I haven’t seen him sprint or throw himself into a tackle. Not inspiring and it shows.
  18. f**king relegated and listening to that commentary is making it worse. Different planet
  19. Think its all to do with how the ref describes it in his report. I’m sure someone for Hamilton picked up a ban after getting a yellow against us a couple of years back
  20. You aren’t missing much with the commentary