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  1. Lovely club... https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/feb/17/manchester-city-backers-are-not-the-sort-to-take-punishment-lying-down
  2. Is Jim Goodwin a Killie fan?
  3. Same as mine... concerns about the defense, then you look at the attacking options
  4. Using https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/detailsuche/spielerdetail/suche - scroll down to Personal Data, and set Year of Birth to your own. I found it helpful to also specify Main Position, and work through each one. When the search results come up, sorting by International Caps is a useful starting point! If you want, use https://www.buildlineup.com/ to present it in a Football Manager style tactical line up Shamelessly stolen from another football forum...
  5. From the goal replays, looks like nobody told him...
  6. Born in Whitburn so, yeah, probably around then...
  7. I fully understand and agree with your concerns about advertising and addictions, but not convinced that a shirt sponsor "could potentially be is the straw that breaks the camels back". Addicts are not created by a logo on a team shirt. If they were we'd have wild-eyed joiners, crazed travel agents and a town of cheese fetishists. My son has several QTS sponsored shirts, but has never had the urge to lay train tracks. As for the junk food ban, have you been to a kiosk lately? And should hospitality be an alcohol-free zone? Addiction issues in this country are endemic, and there are many NHS & self-run groups who provide support & counselling. While Killie look to have a community support it's not their responsibility for individual actions, and I don't believe a shirt sponsor "might be the difference in a kid growing up to love the gambling". The adverts alone on Sky, BT etc would surely have more of an influence, while trackside advertising promoted alcohol & gambling for as long as I can remember. Yes, it's a noble thought. And yes, in an ideal world I'd bin a lot of advertisers - but it isn't an ideal world. We have to accept that, for our football team to compete in the league, they will have to accept the offers available if they want to be challenging for Top 6. If bookies or brewers offer money to my club for advertising, which could potentially get players in and move us up the table, I'm all for it. All the rest are doing it and, while that's not a justification, you need to separate Kilmarnock F.C from your personal beliefs. I'm fully with you on the morality, but the reality will hurt our club. Sadly, that's sport.
  8. And good luck to them - she's f**kin' mental...
  9. Slightly off-topic... My son ran the Roon The Toon earlier this year, and as part of his goody bag was a voucher for two Moffat Stand tickets. He's got a season ticket - I'm lapsed, due work commitments. Went to the ticket office today to redeem, but was told I could only apply on game day - in case it was a sell out... The vouchers already state unavailability for Old Firm games, so when else are we going to sell out? I now have to queue up before kickoff, in the hope that Motherwell don't bring 13,000 fans...
  10. Not sure if you've checked the table recently, but by 5pm on Saturday we could be 6th and level on points with Ross County - and they would have a game in hand. Not what I would call comfortable...

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